matthew Caress your lover so, and she may feel the heat of the moment, and live in that moment for a very long time, and be like a god, and be a dragon 000814
moonshine and in her mouth an amethyst 000814
power through passion so brief a motion
so powerful a gesture

a reach across the void
between each and every one of us
a vastness of nothing

but when that space is breached
a connection is established
for a sharing of energy
of love

so why can I not move my hand?
Barrett I've got something to say...
I did some bad things to your family today.
Doesn't matter much to me
cause I'm a bad guy.

(Glenn Danzig after a really good day)
startfires sweet lovely death, i am waiting for your breath 001107
*^* 010813
something to do well i'm down on my knees again
and i pray to the only one
who has the strength
to bear the pain
and forgive
all the things that i've done

oh girl
lead me into your darkness
when this world
is trying its hardest
to leave me unimpressed
but just one caress
from you and i'm blessed

when you think
you've tried every road
every avenue
take one more look
at what you found old
and in it you'll find something new

i'm shying from the light
i've always loved the night
and now you offer me
eternal darkness

(i have to believe that sin
can make a better man
for its the mood
that i am in
that's left us
back where we began)

oh girl
lead me into your darkness
when this world
is trying its hardest
to leave me

but just one caress

from you and

i'm blessed.
Aimee mmmmmmm lord he makes my toes curl 010814
Devil Doll Christ do you ever shut the fuck up? Get over yourself you whore. 010814
Syrope god, sitting here with 7 hours down, 2 more to go...

all that's kept me awake all day and now into the early morning on a tiny nap is that i can't stop thinking about last night

in my mind i don't dwell on the sex - the orgasms i lost count of and the gasping into your chest to stifle the noise, the contrast of your erection and the soft joint of my hip into which you pressed.

i'd rather fantasize about your hand on the outside of my thigh, your tongue caressing and clumsily dancing with mine, the horrible memories you erased with how gentle and patient you were,
and the release with which you sank into my arms to be held when all was said and done.

i want to know more about the person i watched the sunrise with, i want to kiss your eyelids and idly trace the lines in your hands with my fingertips...i'm just afraid i don't know who i am with you.

i'm setting myself up for disappointment
it's just not possible that it's this easy
jesejmeshughes For the longest time I've waited to caress your body and touch your skin. Prehaps it was the poisonous lies that drove you away, but it wasn't my skin, you sank the venom into your own viens, now drown in thy fate 050323
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