jennifer my birthstone
and my favourite colour
girl_jane pretty pretty pretty 020310
little wonder my mom's favourite stone.
i'm wearing two of her rings right now, both of them amethyst. one is huge, 3/4 of an inch...and the other is an ametrine.
i'm not a fan of purple, but i love these 2 rings.
zenfishsticks i break this moment open to expose its amethyst core, slick glitter of distant planets where daylight is a hoax. and no one laughs. this bitter, unreachable reality shines
behind eyelids and curls like worms into eyelash follicles snug where you can’t
reach them, rocking them to sleep as you blink. so you take possibility and dress
it up hollywood so you are some actress playing your part lines memorized role
rehearsed. this is the romantic moment complete with tension tight smiles sly
eyes and more he invades, she retreats parry parry thrust parry parry thrust and
score romance in hollywood style slick slick new and fresh and slick so you cough
or move your head aside, but then you’re only making it avant-garde or primitive.
emmi aquarius
my moon sign

i started wearing the ring again. it's been two years now and things have changed.

the silver around it is swirly and one of the bits has fallen off. it's hard to clean because of all the...swirls.

on the back it looks kind of like a keychain ring, the kind me and my sis used to collect and wear pretending we're married.
not materialistic the first and only piece of jewelry he gave me. what kind will he give me next? 040224
Akashari Lore & History:

Amethyst has been prized as a gemstone for thousands of years. In ancient cultures, amethyst was worn to protect one against poisons, to keep one alert, as protection from harm during battle and to sharpen ones wits. In medieval times, amethyst was still believed to protect one against drunkeness and also thought to prevent the intoxicating effects of love! They also believed that wearing amethyst would protect soldiers from harm and bring them victory over their enemies. Hunters of the time believed carrying amethyst would enable them to easily capture wild animals.

A Greek myth tells of the origin of amethyst. It is said that Bacchus was having a lousy day and swore that the next person who crossed his path would be attacked by his pet tigers. Well, the person that came along next was a young maid on her way to the temple of Diana, her name just happened to be Amethyst. When the tigers jumped out to attack her, she send a plea to her Goddess. Diana heard the girl's plea and turned her to stone so the tigers could not harm her, once Bacchus realized what had happened he poured his wine over the stone figure of the girl as a sign of his remorse, the wine turned the stone a lovely purple color, and thus we have the birth of amethyst the stone!

Magickal/Metaphysical Properties:

Amethyst is seen as a sotne of peace, it will help one cut through illusions and see things as they truly are. Use in meditation or ritual to aid channeling abilities, enhance meditations and psychic abilities. Use to increase felings of peace and contentment. Said to helpful for those who are overstressed, overworked, and overwhelmed. Will also help ease the transition of death and eases grief.

Deity/Elemental/Planetary Affinity:


Astrological Correspondence:

Pisces-Aquarius-Sagittarius, February Birthstone, 4th and 6th anniversary stone

Where to Wear for best results:

Near the heart for healing
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