The difference between knowing what happened and remembering what happened.
Shar Wow. Just like 1984. 000325
power through passion i sigh deeply at the apathy
so many adopt when it comes up
they tell me now is what matters
what is for dinner
who will lie in their bed tonight
living from one fiery orgasm
to the lazily hoped for next
perpetually keeping the current moment of pleasure
the penultimate one

where have we been?
do we even know?
history is not a closed book
it isn't even a book
nothing is written in absolute certainty
Rome could have been ruled by a frog
can you say you know any different?

how many lies did you tell today?
little ones, to protect or to evade
what's the harm in that you ask
add it up
a lot of lies over the centuries
renders history suspect

this isn't to say
that teutonic panzers didn't storm
their unprepared gallic neighbours

this isn't to say
that Philip's grand armada
didn't come within a hair's width
of a fundamental change
in the flow of human civilization

it is only to say there is no why
no why written in stone
and surely there is no why not

maybe Philip was too busy to care
occupied with a flaming orgasm
maybe not

i know we can't know everything
but it might be nice if we cared
amy it really happened, just not so much of it in the good ole US of A and Canada. we got the future, yup. 001013
<3 are you too blind to see.. things with you are history 010515
Knight31 All's the same
always the same
And I will never be free.
Fro wherever I go,
I will always be me.
Knight31 All's the same,
always the same.
And I will never be free.
For wherever I go,
I will always be me.
werewolf the entire world's history is just a look in her eye...and she hates history, and now i think i know why, it's because she really is more important than it. If history has something to teach me about the danger of lips that seem like no one else's ever have, or her warm embrace when the world is cold well then i don't wanna know...i shun history and i say i'll enjoy my blinding seven seconds of joy, i'll say cheese! at the nuclear flash and leave history for the suckers behind me. 020430
joda History repeats itself to no end.
Why aren't we learning from it, but creating worse tragedies from these recycled tales?
Our Lady Dysentry I am crushed and garroted endlessly by history. It labours my every action.

Repetiton is as disgusting as mirrors.
a girl with nothing to say history is the past we dont need to worry about it only the future is important to me 031017
cupcake i am really bad at history becase its all remembering dates and names and things but when i think of it as a story then i can remember what happened but i still cant remember hte stuff that they put on the tests and it frustrates me because its the stories that are important not the exact date and time and place that things happen! 031017
Death of a Rose you're livin in the past man, stop livin in the past 031017
a thimble in time "The reign of Antoninus is marked by the rare advantage of furnishing very few materials for history, which is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies, and misfortunes of mankind."

Edward Gibbon (1737–1794)
-Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (1776).
Adriana So many of our beliefs are dependent on things that have been handed down to us.

Our faith in the Bible (by "our" i refer to those that believe in it, which I myself find hard), all the beliefs we hold about history's most prominent events and people and eras.

Really, many of the things which we take for truth are dependent solely on our belief that the source from which it came was a good source.

Just like the Bible was passed down through different translations, whittle down by the Roman Catholic Church, and translated and re-translated, those history books we read throughout school have been based on more history books which have been based on more history books, which ultimately was largely based on primary-source documents and oral tradition. How many of those documents were faked, didn't tell the whole story, have been taken entirely out of context? How many of those oral stories have been misunderstood, misrepresented, deliberately tainted?

How many of those books of the Bible are the work of infiltrators?

80 percent of what I believe could be a lie, an embellishment, a literalization based on an abstract idea ... a forgery.

Is it worse to believe everything or believe nothing?
oldephebe *applauds the edward gibbon extract* 040309
tr do you want to start a history with me? 050201
z do the victors still write history? 050427
pete the constant fight to see those who came before, of whose generation none remain among the living, as real people not mere literary figures.

it distorts my view of reality just to try this.
zeke josephus 051103
olive this is history man 081016
olive as of now i am in an art history class.
we talk about art. what it meant to them.
why they would have painted and sculpted the way that the did.
and i was at the art museum the other day.
i wondered what art history classes will say about our art in the future. they'll say that we're so consumed with self.
we obsessed with being individual because its all about my history
re_alisma i was dating Dallas. i moved away. 110306
past i don't think i'm any better at finding the flesh from the stories. perhaps that's why i find myself turning to the stories of the places instead of the stories of the people.

i'm not the only one to have lived where i live, to have loved where i love. we pass through the places we live, the places we love, and are changed by them just as we change them in our own ways.
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