Deliver unto you that which has always been inside.
suicidalchinadoll almond extract
its one of those smells that speaks to my early childhood..but I can't quite recall yet which memory it invokes.
almond extract smells of maraschino cherries.
pete sit still,
this needle wont hurt much,
ill just extract
your life
and use it to
keep mine
healthy and vigourous

'they quarrel too much,
the christians could never unite...
i am invisible,
i am the king!
i am invisible
and I will win!!'

'closer they came,
the army of richard the lion heart
marching day and night
with soldiers frome very part
and when the crusaders
came over hte mountains
and saw jerusalem
they fell to their knees
and prayed for her release
tehy started the battle at dawn
they took the city by storm
with bowmen and engines of war....'

'we are invincible
god is the king!
we are invicible
and we will win!'

(quotes from 'Crusader' by Chris de Burgh)
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