Brad Ever try to go a whole day talking without using any contractions? It really, really freaks people out. 000611
birdmad you think that does, try avoiding the use of pronouns and vowels for a half hour 000611
The Schleiffen Man no vowels? what do we look like? Russians? 000611
birdmad Ƨ 000611
bastard There really aren't enough losers in this world for me to feel superior all the time. But I do get to feel superior some of the time, so I guess I'll just have to cherish those times and try to ignore the others. 000812
katie they aren't
you aren't
but i is.

and since i is then you were. and they am.

love does not provide assurance of existence
black-dyed gel product -----Aren't you the sensitive one?
Look, you put your heart on the line for me?
How sweet!
Oh well, I guess I better crush your hopes and dreams.
There you go.
You should no better than to fall in love.
No one wants you.
Try to enjoy your life alone.-----

Thanks, that's what I needed to hear.
shatazap we aren't anything anymore 021007
ShnizelCheese Aren't you that guy that i met at that place that one time and then we did that thing.... *giggle*

Aren't you going to suggest that we do it again because it was really nice and i thoroughly enjoyed it.
what's it to you?
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