Glory Box This word wasn't taken! Think how many conversations never began, simply because no one had the foresight to begin "psychic"! Well, I have that kind of vision for the future, so fill up the night. Psychic away. 010107
EECP Number two huh? Interesting that I am number two. What makes a psychic so? Is it genetic? Is it real? It must be real. Why wouldn't it be real? New psychological studies are being conducted regarding the possibility of alliances in brain cells that may help us be "psychic" to some extent. If someone is psychic maybe they are very observant to the point that the veil does not apply. Maybe god helps them see what others do not, I know he helps me do so. 010219
tourist It may just be that reality is essentially a vast thought process, rather than a vast mechanism. Ideas may well be propagated "out there", as a result of some grand unified interference process, and what we precieve as "our own" ideas , may in reality be only the ideas that our brains have managed to filter out of the overall transmission. Like tuning a radio to recieve a particular signal.
Some of us may be able to tune in on faster than light signals that are unreachable to "normal" awareness. Signals that travel faster than light would essentially move backward in time, thus allowing the reciever to know of something before it occured.
Whether there are more than one possible future is anyone's guess.
As is this idea I have just recieved and re-transmitted to You here.
silentbob my teacher was talking and then happened to look at me and then said the word that i was thinking.......
she looked me in the eye and said, "Opinion......why did i just say that??"
i freaked out and said, "YOU JUST SAID THE WORD I WAS THINKING!!"
what does that mean?
G_wiz13 hehe.... 010220
Dafremen I'm always guessing what's on people's minds. I'm so damned good at it, that sometimes my wife thinks I'm psychic. I'm not, I say I'm just a good guesser. Perhaps it's my mind taking all of the clues that my conscious ignores but my subconscious absorbs and putting 2 and 2 together to come up with 4. Sometimes I'm dead wrong however. That's because with people, sometimes 2 and 2 equals 7. 010220
G_wiz13 My freind shawn(thyartshallshant)and i always say the same thing at the same time. Some people say we have a "psychic connection" I think were just 2 freaks that think alike. 010220
florescent light I'm psychic
everytime I blathe about missing a lost blatherer-they come back within 24 hours of my post.
The Truth Every one of us has psychic abilities. It's just a matter of how well you have developed yours. Like any other muscle, it needs work. Some people deny that there is a psychic energy, but like all mysterious things, the ignorant will discount it as "imaginary nonsense". Most people at least acknowledge the existense of intuition. My psychic abilities come and go in cyclic phases. But I've had them my entire life. I've also done the Kinsey-Bates personality profile test (in psychology) and my teacher told me that my profile is very prone to psychic abilities. I have a theory on what causes it, because, if you haven't noticed, I like to explain mysterious things with scientific reasoning.

There are subatomic particles emitted from our brains that are recieved by other people's subconscious minds. We are all communicating silently, without even knowing about it. I read a book a while back that supported this theory, they called these particles "psychons". They,like light, exist as a particle, and a wave(The book didn't say that, I just kind of already "know" it somehow...ooooh spooooky), and our brain waves act like radio waves when we transmit them to others who are like "antennae". Some of us are naturally better transmitters or recievers of these signals.

(HINT: you can "exercize" your intuition the next time your phone guessing who the caller will be, and picking up the phone to see if you're right! No caller ID! You'll find that the more you practice, the better you'll get!)
These psychic abilities, why do we have them? (They certainly aren't attributable to Natural_selection, which may be why the scientific communities deny that psychics exist.)
They could be what lies at the basis of Faith. If we believe in certain things, our psychic connections can bring about the results in our reality.
That part of the theory is still under construction.
Dafremen Sigh...please go on..if you must. I can dish out opinionated clap let's see if I can take it as well... 010629
Casey Ever think of something, and then it happens like right after you think it? Like you think of a TV episode you havn't seen in a while and it is on later that night. That happens to me all the time. 010722
Inanna It is part of who I am. Sometimes I hate it, but at least I can turn it on or off at will. I have learned to love it. I am more creative with it on. Imagination is somtimes too strong to determine for certain who is who. I have been told that I have excellent psychic ability. Art predicts the future. 011006
birdmad cemeteries sound like crowded airport lounges to me, but i can never make out any one distinct voice from the crowd, it's why i haven't gone to visit my parents in quite some time

i used to see shadows of things that weren't there all the time too, but the insane volumes of acid i did in my early adulthood took care of most of those (of course at the cost of days where everything looks like distorted video footage from time to time)

oh, and the deja_vu is a lot worse now than it used to be
MollyCule I have not very good intuition when it comes to people in my waking life, but my dreams nearly always fortell the future - for example, on September 9th, I had a dream that I was staying in a hotel in New York City with my friends Hollee and Paul, and we were watching out the window as a nuclear bomb was dropped. It flattened the city, like nuclear bombs do in movies, and we huddled together on the bed and watched helplessly as the wave of fire came for us. I woke up freaked out. And then, you all know what happened in New York City 2 days later. 011007
psychobabe heh i'm psychic 011008
mister mourning i'm psycho, what's the difference? 011009
silentbob the difference is, psychics know they're fake, while psychos believe they are psychic. 011009
psychobabe brain twist 011012
translucent i will just be sitting there, talking to friends, not paying attention in class, some insignificant little spec of time in my life, and all of the sudden, i will remember that i have dreamed that exact moment before. it really freaks me out. 011012
Inanna Everyone is both a little bit psychic and a little bit psycho. It is up to you to decide which to develop. Evolve
your mind when you are ready. If you are not ready for it, it will make you go insane. A true psychic will usually not ask you for money. Some psychics work with the FBI, and have helped solve many cases. Some psychics make Art. Art predicts the future. Sigh.......kick
scifininja i wake up crying. the night the cockatiel died, when the cat started dying, the night my great uncle died, the night before we found out grandpa had tumors. my friend and i decided that something terrible was going to happan on september tenth. the next morning at the end of first hour we decided we were wrong, the feeling was gone. at the beginning of next hour they made the announcement on the intercom and we turned on the tv. our friendship ended soon after. 030720
hmm pick a number from 1 to 10, then scroll down to see what you will see......

a little further (don't tell me you forgot! *sigh* choose another, then.. ;)

if you instantly chose the number you always think of when some asks you:

you are strong willed, you don't spend much time thinking about your beliefs, but you are aware that you 'feel' things a lot more than most; you have some kind of philosophy on life, but it doesn't rule your life

if you thought long and hard about which number to choose:

you take things as they come, and apply yourself fully to those things that interest you, which are few and far between, I'm suprised you even read this, you'd normally assume it was one of those 'fun but not really accurate' tests that you normally only take when you're bored. You can go far, but you need to focus more.

if you decided just to scroll down without choosing:

your outlook on life is simple; you do what you want, and decide why later, fair play! you probally end up regretting small things, but pulling through the big things. You don't get stressed much, life goes on.

if you just chose a random number:

you don't really worry about the small things, they're not important - when it comes down to it, you look after what's important to you, and have a fairly relaxed attitude to anything else. You don't get angry about things, if people want to do something you disagree with, then that's their choice.
User24 suprisingly accurate 031030
Nikita I think it would be best not to assume everyone has the same psychic abilities or types of experiences.

For instance, someone is standing there staring at you for a long time. You are busy with something and are aware of their presence but are hoping after awhile they will have second thoughts and go away. A brief period of time lapses and so you quickly look up and directly into their eyes and you say: What do you want?
The catch is you don't move your lips or verbalize anything you think it while scanning their immediate thought or idea.
See? That's what it's like.
Dreams? Sometimes, but I don't focus on it because for the most part nobody can control everything and I don't want to be concerned with every little itie-bitie event especially since it is not easy to always be accurate.
Why not advance these powers?
Well, let me tell you, for the most part people are not using these abilities and the more you practice the more fucking freaky you become anyway.

That's what my grandmother says, but she's dead now.
white_wave the psychic said we would be married. and i fear that some psychics are extremely accurate.... 040224
ESP hahahahaha
i'm fucking freaky!!!!
no reason i went to a three dollar psychic on the atlantic city boardwalk. the present stuff she saw was surprisingly true. 040705
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