Quintessensual Clap

To come together suddenly,
with a sharp sound?
Go do it, and
more softly, please!
So we can hum the song that you,
if not enthralled without power,
would yourself, red, scream:
"Clap together...right now!"
But softly, but slow.

Copr. 1999
kr8 sane, sane, we're all insane 991102
Tinker BELLA and DonaTELLA
As mad men do.

don't bother, it's a waste of energy, go and whisper in their ear when the show is over. it's less humiliating
and more exciting.
you never know what's round the corner.
could be little red riding hood. Afraid of a gremlin.
shorlove ...your lips. 030425
niska ha! that's pretty loose... 030425
i love niska the fucking russian! your m***** was disgusted by yours! I know cause i took you out. 030707
oldephebe the inaugeral salvo of suger hill's epoch shaping rap..

"clap your hands everybody and everybody just clap your hands"

okay so they were light on lyrics and heavy on the least no one was getting shot back then though..
what's it to you?
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