jorge is the name of the game. grow and expand or you'll collapse. 980821
eric add an *o* and evolve is love, backwards and forwards: evolove 980905
Dallas If you add an "o" to "please" you get something really close to "police" so adding an "o" might not be a good thing to do all the time. 980913
fugazi you can't be what you were, so you better start being just what you are. 980915
[marissa] the twist and turn of darwin's
thread, and the quilt with all
the missing pieces. we don't
know who fits where, or do we.

holes in history and time.
in the layering of bone

mammal primate reptile.

OTK better yet:

DEVO loved.

though whom, i'd not venture.
lee ...assumes progress which assumes bad, better, best which assumes measurement against an absolute which assumes nothing which denies measurement which denies comparison which denies self which denies humanity the lack of which denies consciousness the lack of which denies concept without which there is no language thus there is no communication which denies this conversation. 990706
lee lee ...assumes progress which assumes bad, better, best, which assumes an absolute standard of measurement which assumes comparison which assumes diversity which assumes change which assumes continuity which assumes a whole which assumes it's own absence which denies consciousness eradicating the possibility of conceptual cognition which makes language impossible hence rendering language inconceivable which denies communication which denies this medium of expression 990706
lee lee which denies the mistake I just made in sending two entries.
(sound like a rationalization? So does evolution.)
Sol survival of the fittest? progress past the point of extinction. for every advancment something else must fall back, die drop dissapear, makes you appreciate your existance as you are somhow dont it? 010418
Grievance "once a character stops evolving, it's dead, really." 020112
even the dead
on earth evolve
and revolve
if only the sun

[oh luminous celestial body around which our sacred earth revolves, from which we creatures & plantlike lifeforms receive our heat, light & decomposition]

even the dead

processes of change begin towards certain directions upon a living entities demise

:UNFOLDMENT: takes shape

putrid stenchful actions and/or instances of decomposing and giving something off transpires

: EMISSIONS: rise above

process of continuous change from
a lower, simpler, or worse
a higher, more complex, or better

:murders of earths great native ancestors perish:

from murders
to fertilizer
from low, simple, worst humans
to high, complex, better off results
Grievance decomposition is a form of evolution 020112
theremin Get on up. Get up. Get on up. 020227
Soulbird to leave a state of which we were once.to grow.to adapt.to compensate for new living conditions.To become other than our original bieng. Funny some of us seem to never evolve. ?? 020611
greatgodpan sweet Mona, you evolved, yet we grew apart. How can you or I be of the opinion that you evolved then, I wonder. 060822
sab i just gotta
through this
the awful truth Evolve?
What does this mean?
Does this mean that no species is every One Thing?
Does this mean human beings might not be perfection?
Ever hear of Narcissus? He drowned in his reflection.
what's it to you?
who go