~gez~ we started as a little reatard named amoeba. from that retard we all evolved, my love for you started in amoebas gene pool, and i'd just like to point out nobody else in my gene pool runs like a girl 020821
my back hurts
no reason i'm not a big PDA fan myself, but if i see love between two people i like, i'm generally happy for them. 140214
flowerock loveving




my grandmother would disapprove. she teaches at a "christian school" she uses a monkey puppet to teach kids that the government made up evolution and science is a religion.
unhinged photographic_memory

unhinged when he says we are friends, getting to know each other, for some reason it doesnt bother me. i can see myself being friends with him for a very long time. 140217
no reason reminding myself that i know how to handle being under pressure, and have the strength to do what i need to do to get out.

not being hard on myself for being honest about what i want and don't want, even if it inconveniences or hurts people. because even though i have made or may make mistakes in the process(es), and even though i can still be cowardly and avoidant, my intent is always to be as fair and kind as possible. and i can't be expected to sacrifice my own happiness to satisfy other people.

these are like mantras that are still often difficult to believe, but they're getting easier. they're getting easier. because they're true. they have to be.
unhinged and then three months later, i saw the impossibility of that, staying friends. i am not going to lie to myself. i am not going to lie to you. why should i deny myself so you can feel better? why should i sacrifice myself for others?

my heart retaliates from the patterns of the past fifteen years. some things are better after you just let_it_all_go
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