The Truth The house of your soul. 010829
zenfishsticks my conscious mind is a flickering dashboard,
lights blinking, dials measuring
feelings i think i feel
motivations i think i have
thoughts i think i think...

but underneath moves the great engine of my subconscious,
gears turning, pistons moving,
explosions, speed, darkness and fire...

my hands are on the wheel
but i don't know where i'm going.
ferret dreams; liquid with lucidity, the conscious melding in an ever winding river with the subconscious 030420
/anon I've been feeling like this for the past month. I feel like im dreaming and confuse life and dreams a lot. I can't ever pay attention. Like when my mom is talking to me in a store today about somethin, my mind will go blank and I will just be, no thinking or anything. I snap out of it though. Back into thinking for a while then disassociation back and forth. kinda scares me. meh maybe a good ole fashion wrist-banging will snap me out of it. 030421
seeker is a state of mind i wish i could always be in
i wish that nothing else would matter
and that everyone could retreat to their long neglected subconscious
and listen to themselves
and forget everything else
cause it doesnt really matter
girl_jane "If we were having sex in your dream, you do realize that I now know you subconciously thought about fucking me."

"Oh, I've thought conciously about having sex with you."

" long as we're on the topic, I'll admit...just so you don't feel like a jackass for saying that...that even though I haven't dreamt about it, I have thought about being all naked with you and such." really should come for a least for coffee at Waffle House.
Erin do u let it control you 041226
ZPF ZPE 041226
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