amy i admit that right now i feel quite clear, but that was not so true a few days ago. (and a few weeks ago, and about a month ago) 000107
Joana. Admit that you're not real and that all that you've created in your stupid life was some ridiculous character... that you don't even have the courage to admit that he's actually you and not someone that you've invented.
Admit that you like being depressed because it makes you feel comfortable and less futile.
Admit that you wouldn't lift a finger to those people who are suffering, even though you say you would (if you could).
Admit that your life and your dreams are false... because that's not really you.
Just admit something in your meaningless life for a change...
klairchen The truly smart people out there are always the ones who are the first to admit that they really don't know the answer. 000816
klairchen I don't know why I said that. 000816
valis you know why, dammit!
admit it!
Chrity go to:
Shugarhi I now admit loving you was wrong... 010517
ncon i have treated others badly.

i vow not to do it again.

for what its worth.
Platonic Prophet You are reluctant to admit that they're beautiful.
And you hate to admit that they're right.

But they are.
And they are.

And He Is.
yes? All envy has been slain and lays dead on the heartless all consuming floor of cell 167
Short clipped squares of green parchment beckon to me and my weeping hands shudder at the possibility
Raspy slithering voices announce my execution
Clicking scratching pencils spell out my fate
My funeral procession leads me to the crypt keeper’s singed and defaced desk
The rug beneath my feet pulls up and smashes down on my brittle toes
Silent screams echo but wander the halls unheard
Small green parchment shapes shifts to yellow thus capable of salvation
Dim lights now appear visible to my cursed eyes
Merciful and benevolent pens sentence me to limbo
Salvation not ensured but death not sentenced
Of the tears I’ve cried most have dried as I vow to carry a paper shredder in my final days.
yes? yeah....i don't know what that is exactly but i called it admit so i figured it belongs on this page more than any other. 020730
eklektic i admit, even though i dont love you as much as before because of a number of factors, i still love you. 020731
britton that today I didn't want to come to work, and I don't really like the new Kid Rock Song. I admit that now I drink too much and we both always knew you would think too much. I admit to walking away when I couldn't go threw it, I also admit that I just said fuck"n screw it. Admit that no one took your picture down, I always hated that picture, the one with the frown. I really did not want to come to work today. 021202
villified justified? I must admit
There is a pain
A guilt even?
When I think about what she says
Thinks and feels
Looking back it's so hard
To remember doing anything wrong
Therein lies the problem
I admit
I must be the asshole she says I am
I am sorry for whatever it is I did to you
Genuinely sorry
what's it to you?
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