Q A test of the waters before swimming to the other shore to wake the sleepless. 000821
miniver Journals are difficult to keep, too. I quit after pretty much every entry. I write in second or third person because I can't handle all the "I's" -- it pushes me away from writing about myself all the time, at least. My journal shouldn't be about me, unless it's clever enough to be about me in a way that is applicable to, and therefore writable from, the perspective of the greater world (or some portion of it). That's my rule.

But, I guess I still want people to know how special "I" am, so I end up telling these things (which includes this very thing) to, for example, Blather. So, this is an embarassment, really, but there you go. Want/want-not? I'll figure it out, yet.
Tiffa I don't mean to lessen the importance og Miniver's post, but this happens to be my nick-name. Prety neat huh? 010529
Toxic_Kisses I have a theory (Not a belief mind you) that besides not being alone in this galaxies of ours (Who would ever be selfish enough to think we aren’t?) that if there is a God that not only did he create us, but (obviously) the other alien beings az well, sort of like a science experiment, adding a new variable here or subtracting a variable their to each of the life forms he created trying to perfect life.
We are simply one of his many experiments, and unfortunately dew to our greed and selfish nature his experiment on human life forms has failed, we are self destructive and will eventually die out and he’ll simply create a new race learning from the mistakes s/he made on us until s/he perfects her/his experiment.
phil every 10 years, you will meet 5 people, although there are 11 people you have the chance of meeting. 020610
mj I poop on that theory. 021015
the game I've got a could be bunnies!! 030711
oldephebe i never quite understood the whole fear of bunnies thing with Anya.
Boy do i miss that show.
oldephebe okay so a theory
so many threads woven into thatch I go on another pedantic promenade (yawn) is theory argument? no
although theory can be woven into the tapestry of an argument - empower the argument sure - and is the theory easily disproven? can it withstand the rigors of analysis and (oksy let just say before i luanch into theory as it relates to Newtonian cosmology or Einstinian models of relativity, or the other variations on the theme or theory of relativity .. I suck at math I suck at science I'm just bored this evening and so I'm driveling on this blathe page - so ..) so basically i think I'm going to abandon that estuary of inquiry - its too unwieldy an enterprise at this time of day - (3:44 AM) I mean because you'd have to unravel or plod through the continuum of great thinkers from Copernican cosmology to the impact the Medici's exerted on innovative free thinkers under the thrall of the theocrasy the fascist impositions of the tyrannical Catholic Church to Hubble to all the others and it would take a mind less obtuse, less infinitely dense then mine or less infinitely impermeable - so okay any sound theory must agree or be able to show its' ability to adhere to a certain set of physical laws on a consistant basis - that still doesn't prove the theory totally (because we live in a physical universe wherein an infinite sub set of possible variables could effect the outcome of said proof of the posited theory - but you know it's real easy to disprove a theory if even one of it's theoretical beams breaks under the wheight of empirism -
still waiting for a universal field theory - that would be cool - if they watered it down so right brain types like me could wend my way through it's thicket of the turgid and incomprehensible mathematical expressions of such an omniscient staggering model - apparatus
oldephebe virtus post nummos

enough of all this

vox et praeterea nihil

see Plutarch and something about

plucking the plummage of a nightingale

all these feathers all this

hollow "resplendence" bah all that's

left is a voice and nothing more

a voice and nothing more

a v o i c e a n d n o t h i n g m o r e

and me a name i call myself

a voice and nothing else

more or less

. promise? 030722
Syrope theory_on_mating_dances 030910
oE wooo hooo!

boy did i break that resolution!!

crapus on veritae..
oE does anyone have a theory why the woman who played anyanka looked so ravaged her last season on buffy..over diet much or what..? still..though her disassociative social impairment and her always gushing over the "green" was pretty funny.. 040116
. crapus on veritae? 041001
andru235 theory is blind to experience

and experience, deaf to theory

but try and convince them of that!
? What_if... 041227
three words theory gets_me in_my_eye_oh_no 050508
1570 What's_next? 050509
***r@|\|$c3|\|d3|\|@|_*** thoughts that join together in an unproven hypothesis. a way in which you see the universe. 060601
Given Conditioned_Mind... Eureka!!! 120428
Life Frame_of_Mind & Wing_of_Thought
around_and_across the Cosmos...
what's it to you?
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