GirlNamedLover sixth graders arent supposed to shoot themselves.

thats not how it works.

my little brother looked looked me in the eyes, for the first time in so long, and just said "he never seemed sad..."
Maaaaaaaaartin i need lithium ? 041109
e_o_i T.S. Eliot's poems. And me, of course. 050729
inostus folks with the condition which has been tagged as synaesthesia.
i am one. i think.
Raven Jones You question me
With a confused look
Which astroplane
Did my random speech
Remind you of
Notions that I remained
Fully sane and sober
Escape your belief
Even in my purity
Wholesome and freshly born
The oddities of my speech
Are utterly incomprehensible
The babbling foolishness
Of a woman on her deathbed
You know me now
I echo the mind of linguistics
Years before myself
Thoughts expressed visually
Yet thru the vehicle of sounds
They are explained
My identity revealed
The art form placing me
Unlike others by far
Yet not completely abnormal
what's it to you?
who go