typhoid i saw the information,
but the resolution was poor.

clues clutter crowded streets
clearing space on empty seats
submitting my eyes to your daring feats.
Effingham Fish She says she's looking for one. I tell her she's already looked all over my place, it's time to try somewhere else. 020113
Grievance "thank you"
"whatever do you mean?"
"yesterday saw you. resolution is as see through as the sun. we all want something beautiful, but resolution is not it. resolution is your gratefulness for a job well done."
"perhaps. but i was hiding yesterday, all day under my covers. yesterday saw nothing of me, only the impression left by the covers over my scared hide. my resolution wasn't grateful either, it was vengeful."
"vengence will only bring you to unrest in the end, friend."
"i don't care anymore."
blown cherry empty 021011
angie we need a resolution
we have so much confusion

that is one of my fav. songs
r1y9a6n4 So I've never been the type to make any new year's resolutions. Always kind of thought that I was just setting myself up to break promises to the person most important in my life. For the most part I have cruised through life and done what I desired.

2003 however was a year in which I found myself wanting to be someone who I already know, but am yet to room with. So, in order to meet this person and get on our way together I made a somewhat vague but rather all-inclusive resolution. I am going to start living the life that I think about on a daily basis. You know, stop drinking as much, work harder toward my goals, cease associations I have with people who aren't productive in my life, stop biting my nails, eat right, get that six pack I've always wanted, find the girl of my dreams, become truly comfortable with myself, be a better conversationalist. You know, adjust the small stuff.

This is the year that I am gonna do it. I am going to feel like an adilt this year because I am making a concerted effort to act like an adult this year.

Yet, here it is, 12:22 on January first, and I am sitting here alone in my apartment wondering what is going on in the world outside. Makes me think that I should have stuck to the old resolution of having no resolutions.
shivers "get back to the person i was before"
thank u so much
so u can just forget about me completely and be happy again. im sorry i fucked up your life so bad
zeke resolution = linear distance over pixels 040102
Syrope now that i've had time to calm down, i want to talk to you. i couldn't when you wanted me to before, but now - if you still need me to - i will. i think it'd be good for me. seems i can only remember a few things about us and i'd like to hear what you remember.

i remember watching your screenname and begging IM to make my name just a little bolder on your list. i remember trying to walk as fast as you, my ankles screaming and burning, to and from your favorite place to hide me. then there's this emptiness up until the night i told you i loved you and you tensed in my arms and said nothing. i remember when you invited me to your home for the first time, but more of how it tore me apart inside when you told me how much your mother knew, when you tried to trick me into eating the alcoholic cream, and the tears i had to fight when you flung the ottoman. i remember the things i found in your dorm room. i remember throwing up in your bathroom because you just pushed me way too far over the edge. i remember the moment i knew you and cathy had lied to me - i'd suspected you fucked her long before then, though - and how i went down to the lounge and sat...honestly not caring, just wanting to go home. i remember the night you called "making love" - i never considered it making love. it was too late for us. i remember regionals. i didn't want to fuck you, but the note you left on my bag was sweet. then i remember the mexican place where every song was about drugs and you managed to insult me about every other sentence. and then i remember your foot in my door, the terrible fear that gripped me all over and the instinct that flooded my brain that said you were going to beat the living shit out of me if i didn't escape. i don't remember how you went away. i don't even think my memories are in the right order. i know i hurt you, but you hurt me, too. i forgave a lot... i know you don't believe that. only a very few things that you said or did to hurt me seared onto my consciousness and stayed til the end.

i don't even know if you still read these, but i think i'm ready to talk. i won't be too heartbroken if this is the only unfinished business i have from 2003, but its the only resolution i think will do me any good in the long run. mostly it's selfish - i don't want to miss the same signs, put up with the same shit, make the same mistakes with my next relationship - but ok. your move.
epitome of incomprehensibility What's dissonance in one song is resolution in another. Depends on the context. (Whether this represents anything else depends on the context too. I haven't decided.) 140823
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