Drennan I'm crap at expressions, just because you don't show your emotions dosen't mean that you're emotionless. I don't smile, can't smile, at least not showing my teeth, apparently it makes me look sinister. I love to hear people laugh but I rarely laugh myself, at least not in front of people I don't know. 991010
unique butterfly how do i express myself?
words do not work.
i feel something inside me.
that must be shown to all.
its so very strong.
it will not show on the outside.
i can feel it growing though.
wonder what it could be.
the great feeling of love, i think not.
something else is there.
i can feel it.
johnny west it's impossible.
no way to express anything.
it all builds up.
soul plaque.
monadh whirr and wheel
searching for
some kind thoughts
too ease my tired mind
I stumble upon
countless talking faces
creeping memories
drinking it in like a hungry
thirsty forgotten love
? are good 020908
yo sometimes its hard to express my feelings in words. but i do it in other ways. i love to laugh, smile, cry, shout, sing, whatever i feel like doing at the moment. sometimes doing that is better than putting it into words because it gets more feelings out... bad feelings. if i have too many bad feelings inside of my i feel like i want to explode so i like to get them out. i do that by crying or yelling. some people think that crying makes you feel bad but i like to cry. it makes me feel really good for some reason. thats probably why babies do it so much. they need to to feel good. 021221
morphine. seductive

open the photo album
and youll find him there
just like that.
marjorie She pasted the construction paper flower to the page. She pressed it under paper and let it dry. Or rather, the Elmer's. Then she stuffed it in a box under the bed and pretended it was important. Time capsule-worthy. 050301
Doar No, it isn't a "What?" statement.

But a "What" declaration.

Words and more words. They seem indespensible, more like a though that expresses our inner thoughts.
Words that are now painted,
words that have now become part of each blather you touch upon.

You can tell that the words have grown into your own telling, they live and perpurate (sp?). They are a living being that has come from your own voice and breathe. The words have been uttered, let loose upon the world. Let them spread to every corner. Let them BECOME, and let them breathe, as you are honest and the voice behind it is honest. Let your words taste the free air. The words you speak, making sounds we call comminucation, they are valued, to all of us.

what's it to you?
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