laney The final answer. Did you win or did you lose? Ultimately, we all have the same outcome in life. Death. 011115
Ricksta But is there only one outcome? Can each day we live be seen at the end of the day, as an outcome, of something? Can you think of something that made you smile this day, and embrace it? Can you find the reasons, you go on? What keeps you here, is it big, or is it small? Can it be defined by words, or is it something absurd? Does it have a meaning, or is it just around? Can you feel it when your alone, or when your friends are near?

Perhaps it has no size, or meaning, perhaps there is no outcome if you never allow yourself to start. If you choose to see life as one picture, you will only have the ending to look forward too. If you see it as a photo book, then each day represents a new photo, a new meaning, a new reality if you so choose. We have our restrictions in life, but our emotions can never be controlled by anyone but ourselves.
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