like rain. i have to let go. i cannot make her want me around. i cannot make her care for me. i cannot be enough. 010427
freakizh goosebumps, all nervous
to your presence
lisa it is in the presence of him that I find myself weakest.
but weak can be good...
his presence makes me mindful of a moment when I was but a young girl,
all dressed up with nowhere to go...
all fresh and young and unwrinkled and small
and his presence made me weak in the knees
like a schoolgirl on prom night
corsage pinned close to my heart
his presence breathing on my neck as our photos were taken
26 years pass, but the presence does not fade...
Sintina I lost my own in a man.
Lost who I was.
Your presence soothes sometimes.
Sometimes it is like hot lead on the
My presence stings like the cancer-stick's cherry flickering off its home and landing on your arm.
I hope it burns a hole in you sometimes.
And sometimes I hope you never hurt again. Especially on my account.
silent storm In her presence,
I feel once again


She is present in my heart at all times.
She is my family.
Im crazy too. is a beautiful word filled with meaning.

Everywhere. Somewhere. Not here.
sirflaccid I woke up this morning and my nose was bleeding. Don't know why, and I don't know how. I ran to the bathroom, grabbed some tissue and quickly took care of it.

Today I came home after work and saw the bloody tissue in the little trash container beside my vanity. It made me realize that I really do miss the presence of a woman.
icy a dreamlike quality of otherworldliness
disquieting unease
a feeling of someone else near me
but notquitehuman

were you there last night
tempting me with your presence
teasing me with your unattainability
making me yearn to touch your face
trace your jawline with my fingertips
just to see if i could stop at that
and not ache for more
GSmooth The presence is strong here 060308
Risen I wonder if she missed the presents or the presence more.

Or if she even noticed. Not a word, not a blather. Nothing at all.

There never is. I'm no longer surprised, and I can barely get to disappointed.

I am beginning to feel that numbness which predicts that soon it will all be over.
what's it to you?
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