amy welcome, sir typhoid. and boy are we excited to see the patterns on your delicate wings. 991226
meli Why do so few people have one? I meet the same ones time and again.
A person is like carved stone. There is meaning only in what has been broken off. What has been carved away.
Raina which one?
I have more pairs of personas than I have panties.
Showtime, allow me to pick one.
guitar_freak Personality tests are from hell. The real ones tell you more about yourself than you really wanted to know... Of course, you knew it all along, but admitting it was the hard part. 001110
gigolo aunt MY SINUSES ARE FULL OF PUDDING!!! 001110
Sintina it is what makes me myself and you yourself. But isn't it amazing how much you affect myself and I affect yourself? It is constantly changing due to enviorment and experience and human interaction. 010106
Sintina My sinuses are bad too... but you gotta get that pudding outta there soon... isn't that a fire hazard or something? 010106
god yeh. i'd better 010106
daxle if you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding
how can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?
gigolo aunt did he pack your pudding for you? 010705
lizard I am often confused by what type of personality I have. Why should I keep just one, when I can be so different, in the eyes of each new person I meet. 020408
Syrope people with so called "multiple personalities" don't have more than one personality...they don't have a whole one at all...they have a pack of fragments, so why is it termed that still? 020419
Dafremen Because the alternative would be Synergistic Personality and it just has too positive of a ring to it for a disorder. 020419
god i knew this girl with llewelder's syndrome. i really knew her well. 020615
splash of orange
his is so magnetic
so wildly beautiful
so extraordinarily wondrous

that goddamn outstanding son-of-a-bitch

i wish i could just forget.
hi why does the whole world neglect personality? thats all that counts. not looks, not wealth or social status. many people forget that and get carried away with the other things. 021221
User24 what defines it? 031112
Sybil No comment. 040405
mat I wonder if anyone will actually get that. 040405
stork daddy it's not a neurosis, it's who i am! 040405
victoria we all try to create
our personalities
instead of just
letting ourselves be
who we really are
theres too much pressure
to fit into a mold
even if its a mold
of origionality.
what's it to you?
who go