maruku the story of a non number
but it seams so real to me
a story of the tree
whose trip am i on anyways?
jo So you say I'm not real?

Think again and take a look...
for I am but YOUR IMAGE
floating, ever floating in
twiggie hana chunah
sun cha po

mmm the only two i can rembember.
poor sun cha po got hit by a bus the day after we made her. hana chunah is still with me, all of the time, living in my purse. ashes will be happy to know he's still alive.
Bell R Thoughts that are unnecessary and the establishment feels a need to stamp out.

Bussinesses need not the visionary mind but a mind who will be complacent. Dreamers will separate and create their own empires, which will be destroyed by the ignorant or envious...
*silent screams the world i live in is imaginary...the nightmare i just can't wake up from. i'm getting pushed thru everyday of my life...over and over agian i struggle to actually slow everything down but every attempt fails. i've got a one way ticket straight to hell and i can't even enjoy the scenary on the way down.

the world i live in is actually fucking happy, everything i could every dream of...i guess itz only when the depression starts sinking in that i realize that that world is made up, itz fucking fake. i just can't take it anymore...i'm not strong enough to have my world thrown around repeatily. i can't do it anymore...i can only bend so much before i finally break...

the pain free imaginary world lives inside my head...without it i think i'd already be dead....
Josh An imaginary world is when we see what is not really there and hear what we want to hear. I guess my imaginary world is one I can always be with you, where we can talk about everything and anything for days and days. Missing your head on my shoulder...I guess my world is too far away but I will be here for yours. I hear your *silient screams...let me answer them 030121
xyz he said "it's all in your head"
i replied "so is everything else"
falling_alone i was once saddened when i learned that a group of people did not like me...i found out later that i was saddened because of a group of people that never existed.

and then i found out that this really nifty kid never was alive either...
Lemon_Soda Everything wonderful and horrible in your world.

It lurks in your mind, ready to spring forth. Bringing with it incredible joy or bonechilling fear.

Becareful what you imagine. It is in your world for the all time.
Mandijabster imaginary people have feelings too! 031009
Death of a Rose Imagination is an essence. What you do with that essence is your choice.

lemon_soda says it all.
. . 050610
pristine are we? since when did this all start to take shape? 060116
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