twiggie you've strayed so far from me
i don't know what to think
i don't know what to say when we talk
you've changed so much.
the clique is long gone,
and it feels like the ashes i once knew has gone with it.
what brought us together,
that day we met in history?
we were the most unlikely of friends,
but somehow we saw through it.
we went through so much together during those two years,
juliet and tatum best friends forever.
as soon as distance came between us, everything was a faded memory.
maybe if i move back when we graduate.
then it will be like it was.
wishful thinking, because i know it never could be the same.
you've begun to slip through the cracks.
please hold on ash.
twiggie how can i have any amount of respect for you anymore?
i'm trying to care i'm trying to see why you're doing this all...
but i can't.
i'm sorry.
you're not the person i said goodbye to almost 3 years ago.
or are you?
are you just acting out on something you always wanted to?
i don't think i'll ever know.
marjorie one day my parents were busy and they couldn't pick my sisters and me up from the busstop, so they asked the neighbor lady to pick us up. she came to get us and we drove back to her house. when we got there, it was on fire. it burned and burned and there was lots of ashes. then she lived with us for a little while before she found a new place. she would dilute her orange juice and she said that she liked to do dishes. i kept reporters from coming in the house to try to ask her about how she felt about not having a house and everything. life was slow. very slow. 010531
ashes I'm going to make a page about me......i really like reading blather, but some of the things that people write about each other is crazy.....

I think it scary..... i seen on the news where this girl met a guy over the internet, and he killed her.....

How many people have met on this blather site?????
I think this is scary......I seen on the news where this girl met a guy in a bar, and he killed her...

No! Wait!

I seen on the news where this girl met a guy in church, and he killed her (cemented her into the floor of his barn actually)...

Oh! Here's one!

I seen on the news where this girl met a guy at a party, and then he raped her, leaving her for dead (she thought all the things she had heard about him - being an upstanding member of the community, made him safe & trustworthy)...

So Ashes, what's your point?

What's my point? That there are 'psycho's' if you will, everywhere. They do not reside solely online. With the world in the state it's in, meeting online is just about as safe as meeting someone anywhere else these days. There are still more crimes occuring offline than online. You see, cyber space is just new to the crime scene, so of course we are going to target it. Give it time, it will be old news before you know it...

You can argue that it's different meeting online, because the person your communicating with could be anyone! Well, your absolutely right about that. That is why caution is extremely important, just as if you were to go on a blind date. Really, how well do you think you know the people around you anyway?

In conclusion...meeting online can be fulfilling, safe, and just as romantic or not, as meeting anywhere else . Not for everyone, but it does happen!
ashes No, not really, it dosen't might happen for a few weeks or a few months......but then you see a side of someone you thought you knew, that you didn't know me, i know.....i met someone, and i thought it was love, couldn't wait to meet him, we met and the bastard practically tried to change my was his way or no way.....had to know every move i made, wouldn't let me keep my computer, cause he was jealous i would meet someone else....i had to run a way, and to this day.... i am scared....that he will find me 010802
Ashes, regardless of whether I agree with you or not, I'm so sorry about the situation you are in. I feel for you, I really do, and believe me - I know too! I have had 3 stalkers to date.

Peyton and I have had long discussions over my safety, and we both came to the conclusion, that chat rooms, messengers and even my e-mail is not safe for me. Two of my stalkers came from cyber-space. These individuals were not love interests. One was suicidal and happened to be involved in cults. I answered his cry for help, and fell right into his web. The other one had a deep obsession with studying the minds of serial killers, and seemed to want to re-inact particular killings...starring me as the victim. He knew things about me that he could possibly not know.

I am extremely careful with my identity and such, because of these incidents. Peyton won't be able to breathe until I'm locked inside his base every night. Now, I did meet Peyton online, but there was one difference with us. We weren't in a chat room environment, and we had a feel for each other, before we ever even chatted. However, all Peyton and I have is trust, and I do trust him...

Regardless, I really hope that you haven taken measures to protect yourself, or have someone watching over you...a friend, or a family member who lives close by. Individuals, such as your previous beau, rob us of one precious thing that most of us take for granted...'security'. I will bet that more than 50% of Blatherers here don't really look over there shoulder, every time they unlock their car door...even in the daylight hours. I always keep thinking, 'it happens when you least expect it'. ::shudders:: If your that worried, please don't ever let your guard down, and make sure someone knows your whereabouts at all times!

I am totally creeping myself out thinking about this. I sincerely hope that I have not added to your worries...
ashes Maybe i shouldn't of said what i said...there is nothing wrong with you two meeting sometime, this is, after all, just a cyber affair, right???? Just a fantasy that you are both making up so that you can be happy in your own little worlds......and actually feel like someone loves you, and you can tell people, yea, i have a girl/boy friend...etc......its perfectly normal to live in a make-believe world.......they have hospitals for people like that. 010905
this is me now so peaceful
so pure
what an end for us all
truly ironic
we work our asses off all of ours
to be turned into a pile of ashes
elimeny i wonder about these things, why im so dead now. i think when we burn so passionately, we eventually burn ourselves out, and all that is left is ashes. and you have to find someone who can kindle flames from the dust. 030908
delial it's only a matter of time before you rise up from the ashes of the past

like a phoenix

ashmanzhou not all ashes still contain
the fire that didst birth them
for those dull wasted ashes
i only wish will be blown away in wind
and thus soar above the earth
even as they art scattered and destroyed
minnesota_chris Life doesn't make ashes, it takes those ashes and burys them, plants seeds, makes something beautiful. It's not sexy, it makes you dirty and plain looking. Like birthing babies in gore and mucus. Stinky dirty embarassing life. 031017
noname ashes to ashes,
dust to dust.

floating serenely in the breeze,
the last remnants of a life blow away,
what was once so good and sweet,
is now so burned, black and grey.

why destroy what took so long?
why undo the sacred act?
to kill is wrong, to die is sad,
but we carry on an ancient pact.

the ashes float with the winds aloft,
they're carried high over mountains tall,
and there they rest and find their peace,
looking down on the sin of us all.
girl_jane When I find an old campsite with a circle of ash where the fire was kept, there's sometimes a bit of wood that held it's shape, despite it being burned.

If I kick that bit of wood or try to pick it up to look at it, it crumbles to fine ash.

Some days I feel like that burnt bit of wood...

Don't move me. I'll disinigrate in your hand.
ethereal your fake and falling ashes
give me no reason to smile today
faded crowds along broken highways
the time i cry is still a distance away

stop this burning madness
inside both me and you
it's not real love, it's obligation
you can't tell me that what you feel is true

I'm sick of feeling useless
and giving you all these reasons to yell
but please realise soon
you're sending me straight through hell

mother dearest you're burning
because of everything that you say
release me from your misery
it's not my time to pay

damnit all I've got no more
no more wood to fuel her fire
to her im just a leech now
a treacherous little liar

fair enough i'll take the blame
after all, ive let you down
but the blood dripping from my head
it's the thorns that she placed on this crown

maybe im putting too much blame
but you've reduced me to ashen gray
im distant ashes falling to the ground
who has slowly lost her way
tin girl last night was locked in the chemical closet, wishing i knew what could kill me before rescue could be summoned. wishing i wasn't in the pseudohome of an innocent. wishing i could be elsewhere, and fall, and know.

i came out empty, except for the taste of ashes. it's all that's left.
suicidalchinadoll can we cremate ethereal?
I think it may be time.
*note* I WAS asking for HER permission.
i'm not going to run off burning people (or their past lives) without their consent.
pete let her incorporeal memory live,
even if you try the flames
she will rise like the phoenix
and bless the world
with life once again,
only on a different plain
suicidalchinadoll she already has pete 041024
pete i know 041024
cheerleaderslut burn the witches! 041025
oblivion never realized that part of my name was so fitting.
perhaps its the part that needs to go.
what's it to you?
who go