silentbob a faded sticker on a skateboard 001219
daanuh ...a rebellion cut-to-fit. i refuse to be the soundtrack to it. while we entertain we're still knee-deep in shit...

ah, good ole propaghandi
unhinged gone; like an antique newspaper that no one reads; what's the point right if the news happened almost a century ago? beautiful in what way? i can't take comfort in that anymore. i used to that when i was eight. now i just use drugs and cut myself. somedays i find it so easy to see myself giving up. smooth out. i begin to feel like a broken record complaing and bitching, my words boring holes into the eyes of those that read them. boring. "i didn't come all the way out here to not see a show." thanks for being understanding kt. "you shouldn't have lied then." well you know what; live in my house and then say that to me again. she was his muse. he prayed for me. i'm suitable. please tell me what it feels like. i need to know. thanks. 010102
Robin there are faded pictures
tiny strips peeling off her face
it fell into the river
excoriating its papery flesh
faded flesh, body, soul
where did she go?
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girl_jane My great-grandpa's cotton pj's with his name written on the inside of the waistband that now belong to me. They're all oh so comfortable. Hurray for Vernon Burns. 020220
Casey A memory of a time when worries were non-existant. I finger painted and played house 020220
not faded rite now being faded can be fun, but not being faded can be funner 030211
blown cherry when I'm fragile even old pain becomes easily vivid again 030212
A Bizzar World it is... I concentrate harder and harder until all the faces seem to give way to the smoke filled atmosphere. Their voices seem to say the same thing over and over. Nothing new, nothing different. Just thing same old shady reality that is their 'rock band scene'. Same problems, same differences. Nothing ever changes.

Hardy drunken laughter, the smell of pot smoke. The spilling of beer all over the rug. Loud obnoxious movements that stumble his way out to the car when he knows damn well he shouldnt be driving.

And so many times I found myself closing my eyes praying for some miracle to get me out of there...

so why do I miss it?
trippingdaisy and now it's covered in food colouring. thanks by the way
for ruining one of the things i cherish
just because it's faded doesn't mean you can destroy it more and throw it away
megan listening to freebird... it makes me melt, perhaps because it represents so much more inside me. the guitars become an ongoing part of me, i'm not even really listening to the song anymore, just what it's telling me. 030425
smurfus rex kinda faded but I feel alright
thinkin bout makin my move tonight
can't pretend that you're only my friend
when you're holdin my body tight
ck1 just got you home, brand new. it's all i can do to keep your colors sharp. cold water, must be cold. cold only. i love you. never fade.

Been awhile now and we've had time to grow comfortable together. friends notice how we are still as close as always. they can see you've faded, and they can see that i will never let you go.

i was selfish to ask you to remain as you were the day i got you home. i am truly, forever content with you as you are now; faded
JadedHope (Rantage_with_a_vengence) It's all how you percieve yourself. Is it the world that's in technicolor. The senses that define reality. Or is it you who determines your own reality. Somehow it all comes toghether and the conflict of being faded and being real reaches a climax and an end all at the same time. We step and footprints fade. to someone we are always fading, to someone we have always faded, but it all comes down to what is your reality 031103
(_) Washed-out
losing her
grip on nonexistent reality
while smile has vitality drained from it
heart bleached out
her mind washed in acid
of fraying lives
cut with dull scissors
sawing away at color
until I don't know who I am anymore
or what point of view you are.

mind face
turns white

so much like the beginning.]
what's it to you?
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