Thyartshallshant Mine was deliverd early today. It usually comes at 3:36, but today the man obviously had somewhere to be and smething to do because today it was deliverd at 3:11. And he threw it out of his window as he drove by. A far cry from the gentile toss my paper usually recives when he pulles into my driveway. 001231
cheeze i am just a dog.

i only fetch the paper
but i do not wait
and i have no certain time to get it
[ ] sweepr pan 020828
][ peer spawn 020828
jfe " 021001
once agian Wrote for a newspaper once. Columns were my favorite, but I couldn't get a job delivering papers for the life of me. Funny old world we live in. 031001
Jess Slander and sport
Today ruin lives-tomorrow wrap fish
what's it to you?
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