bryanfrbs boy, it's been a while since I've blathed, but do I have one thing to say.

I'd like to plug a book by Ann Coulter entitled "Slander". it's a seriously great book that reveals the lies put out by the liberal media.
ehem The ratio of size difference between us and the atoms that make us up are comparitive to the difference between planets and suns, and the diffence between the size of a solar system and the size of a galaxy are rougly comparitize to this comparison also. 050514
andru235 uh...the size difference between planets and suns is nothing compared to the size difference between atoms and a human;

a human has several trillion cells; each cell has a DNA chain millions of protein sequences in length; each protein sequence is a combination of molecules that can at last break down into atoms;

using an *extremely* conservative estimate, there are easily 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms in a single person. so the size ratio is at least 1:10^19. the sun's mass is about 333,000 times that of the earth, according to national geographic. not identical figures, but...

this should sufficiently illustrate that we slander ourselves when we say that we humans are nothing, that we are puny specks in the universe; in fact we *are* universes when compared to sub-atomic particles; eventually sub-atomic particles will be found to be universes in comparison to something else, etc. meanwhile, the 'universe' will turn out to be a mere molecule in a gigantic celestial zebra.
misnomer and apparently, blather does it again: takes my conversations and makes them into blathes on yesterday.

but marc, what is the difference between libel and slander? if you don't know what fickle means, there's little hope for you.

then again, maybe we just talked about so much last night it was inevitable i'd come across it today.
kyree You deserve all the slander you get. 050702
bfb rides again the "liberal media" ???

the same "liberal media" that is now predominantly owned by large conglomerates who regularly donate money to Republican candidates and Political Action Committees (PAC's) ?

The same "Liberal Media" that went into exhaustive detail over the sex life and comparatively trivial business dealings of one president, but has spent most of the last five and a half years as sycophantic lapdogs to the current administration even theough the level of criminality and general mendacity displayed by No. 43 and his coterie of cronies far outstrips even the worst bouts of idiocy or immorality ever displayed by his predecessor

Ann Coulter has no place decrying the lack of civility she encounters from her detractors. She neuters the possibility of rational discourse by deliberately uttering provocative, obnoxious and frequently outright vile things and then complaining about the outraged reactions she gets as a result.

It's the height of irony that she would accuse anyone else of slander considering the great torrents of insulting and less-than-credible shit she spews forth
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