jennifer I wonder if all this is real. If the hidden meanings and the hints tossed about are to be taken as they seem, or I am reading too much into it all.

But, I guess I am happy to be having this pretend affair on this lovely network.
lost me too 010604
CJ That mystical time when only two,
Will do,
When the one you love,
Becomes another
And the love for the other is stronger,
And you can't see the hurt,
It doesn't even occur,
You don't care.
Remember though that it will end
That eternally it cannot last
Two will hurt, you and another
What power to give that hurt so harsh
It will come back to haunt you...
everyone wonders this: how many marriages last after it? 030904
oldephebe not too many - okay so not exactly a pearl of oracular wisdom or prescience, but uh..affairs pretty much cuts the cord 030904
god you'd think twice if you had an angel on yr shoulder 041010
triplesix you..
a secret present
so many others have opened before,
but none have enjoyed the pleasure like I.
FA113N I can come up with a millions reasons against.

And only one for.

But god that one is a big one.
what's it to you?
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