Q Dust I'm not, but the little of me that is not water eventually will become carbon dioxide or ash. 000919
zenfishsticks one morning freshman year, i got up, lit up a smoke, opened my curtains and saw a declaration of love. it was for a person named 'ash'--i'm guessing that's short for 'ashley' and is probably a girl, unless we have young pokemasters running around here.

(yipes. i just admitted that i'm slightly familiar with pokemon. my internal censor needs to wake up.)

anyway, there was a big 'i [heart] ash' written in the snow in footprints on the tennis courts. it was too damn adorable. it gave me a huge grin, i can only conjecture how pleasantly surprised 'ash' was.

kudos to whoever tromped that message in the snow.
you rule.
ashmanzhou ash is ruin ash is death ash is wasted fury
what is left of the burning is the ash
the hate gone the heat blown away
it mocks life and order with its death
ash is cold and empty
it is angers lost child
it is the waste of war and hate and humanity
nomme promotes new life
in the static
fall of a sparrow spectacled doctor = God
Gatsby = me in a twisted sort of way
among the ash heaps and millionaires
Tropylium Do bear in mind that it's also a nice kind of a tree...

/For more subtext see the Norse mythos
what's it to you?
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