Q We could be mostly silicon. 000919
Jae we are mostly air 010215
tourist When He tried to get backing for his fledgling company, people scoffed and told him it would never work. No one would pay good money for a machine to make copies, when you could buy carbon paper for pennies.
If I could go back in time, I'd buy all the Xerox stock I could lay my hands on......but who could have guessed that the damn thing would proliferate so?
god I've got it
I'll be sullen and withdrawn
I'll dwindle off into the twilight realm
Of my own secret thoughts
I'll lay on my back here 'til dawn
In a semi-catatonic state
And dream of guitar notes
That would irritate
An executive kinda guy . . .

andru235 well, it is rather nice
its all sugar and spice
the carbon begets
everyone's compliments

if carbon is capable
of sentient beings
can you be certain
the computer hasn't feelings?
mysstic think of the uses of carbon:
graphite pencils
dangling on a pendant as a diamond
being referred to by the word "organic"
as a fuel in homes
as a fuel for production of electricity
nomme) dating 050704
what's it to you?
who go