and enjoy it

it makes me laugh sometimes to think that you tried to maintain that you cared about me. you suck. no, really, you do. hell, I don't even know if the lights are on. most of the time, you're not even a building. talking to you is like throwing rocks at the ground. get a fucking clue for once in your glundified life. it's not all about you. "life without regret" apparently equates to "life without feeling". you, my friend, have ruined me. once more, thank you.

thank you very much.

the irony of you, the apparent bastion of all happiness and bliss, doling out this sort of torture isn't lost on me. my only solace is in your idiocy, and the gratefulness I have that I am not you, or anything like you. you're filthy. you're horrible. you're worthless.

so why do I love you still?
carne de metal I thought I read pennises here, sorry. 020303
burden What's a pennis? 020304
yoink screw you, burden, you worthless piece of playa hatin scum

smokin' buddha
carne de metal every goddam time... 020315
reitoei 19.99. out of twenty? here's your change. a single copper-plated peice of zinc. a 1cm wide tarnished symbol of america. i toss it in the air. a dark spot against a blue sky streaked with wisps of uncontrolled clouds. tumbling over and over and over. and hanging motionless, timeless and weightless at the apex of its flight from the flick of my hand. and down it tumbles, into the real world, whistling through the ait and clinking on the side walk behind me, dancing and spinning for someone to pick up. this is what it means to be american. to be young and rich enough for what you want. to buy a cd as a gift and laughingly toss the change to the world, where it will perhaps be of more use to someone else forever unknown to me. 020315
yoink why the hell would anyone pay 19.99 for a cd? 020324
minnesota_chris Pennies in a fountain

are only that, money you tossed in a fountain. There's nothing you're going to get back, there's not any kind of damn fountain fairy who's going to fix your life. Your pocket change is just going to grow algae until some janitor cleans it up. Quit pitching your money around, there's no point.
Twizlex shitbrain 050206
Useless Proverbs A penny saved is a penny you could spend on my thoughts about that hideous sweater you're wearing. 071208
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