sphinxradio i guess there really shouldn't be any symbolism in life unless you believe in fate and destiny.
otherwise, it's all just random events, right?
i like the way that science can tell me, with certainty, that nothing is more than it seems.
but, as they say in arcadia, i think free will sometimes messes up the order of the universe.
Forming Mind When tongues curl,
and wrap around themselves.
Words udder from their tips,
dripping like sweet honey.
Nothing new seems to come their way,
tangled in the webs of lips
surrounding each syllable's wake.
All new syllables slowly ceasing.
Our future becoming so meak
so mild.
Creating, deriving is falling to ruins.
Existing, accepting of worn words.
Worn symbols that lost their meaning.
It is then, this is the time.
My ears are twitching, craving, itching.
The sound of something new
vibrant, beautiful and exhilirating.
So come to me.
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