mareberry stillness, it feels everlasting, though it only lasts for a moment. the true ecstasy of life is that pure feeling of solace. all worries are carried away with the sands of time and the waves of fortune, watching the sun set on the past. all misery disappears and for one moment, happiness abounds. 990507
acuhymen Wish you were here. 000225
ade i haven't been broken in so long. i've chipped here and there, but since i was glued back together from the last time someone shattered me, it's only been little nicks and scratches.
i sit and listen about the last of yours who didn't handle you with care. i listen to you repeat yourself, cry, complain about being hurt. there is only so much that i can understand. sometimes i want to throw you down myself and just tell you to get over it.
but then i think of me. i think about how soon maybe i'll just be a small heap of lifeless skin and bones. because he keeps chipping away at me. i wonder if he does it intentionally, i wonder if he'd rather be with *her*, if he loves her too. i pretend like i don't know what is happening, like i haven't heard anything. i pretend like i'm naive and think everything really is going smoothly.
i wonder if someday...someday soon he'll just tell me, with no mercy. he's the only thing i have that makes me feel like i'm a little something more than nothing. if he told me what i keep running through my head as the truth, i'd be broken again.

i don't know if the glue will hold me together this time.
daylitedreamer seaching for my solace 010429
katie the utter alone of the aloneness with the good connotation.escape -release- escape from me
from this weight on my head and in my hands that can't lift it's life from the ground like a two ton anvil.

from him who does it to me

i am the only place i have left to hide.
Cybrmystiq I think the voices in my head are my best company. 010505
misstree sssh...

let me be alone for a little while.
nick You've already taught me so much that I needed to learn about living here in my body, and I think your going to teach me another thing soon ... about letting go painlessly.

My heart thanks you for that lesson.

Don't make me ruin that lesson by saying I love you. I am in so much pain right now, and you should send me away because she's still in my heart.

Please give me a place to rest. Be my friend. Comfort my soul with your kind words and strong arms. Help me out of this darkness. Let me revel in your beauty so that I can remember my own.

I forgot what it's like to be loved.
I forgot what it's like to lose.
I forgot what it's like to live.
I only remember alone in the cold.

I don't want to be cold anymore.

winter's coming :-)
tonightiscream i use to seek solace in our late night chats, but i've grown up, I'm grown up now and I'm over it. I hope you don't call me in the morning, my once comforting words will only bruise your ears. You cannot find solace in me any longer, I'm gone. 031109
blown cherry Sometimes it seems such a despairing state of affairs, when one is feeling so desperately lonely, that the company of even the most loved cannot penetrate this hardened shell of cold solitude. 031109
sylphide No one else is awake to see the moon tonight.
and that love i felt that i felt was fading,
lingers in it's lonely light.

if only i had a picture of how this lonesome feels,
i could keep my burden close to me to convince myself it's real.

But this lie lays
this lie it stains.
stains upon this soul i've made.
misstree i am the purveyor of purring peace. 031109
mockingbirdgirl my favorite 040712
puredream Solace in blather.
Someone help me. I'm being choked. By a fucking irritation. If any of you follow, there's hope someone knows that I'm talking about! --- SAVE ME!!!
Borealis and I no longer can 040712
sab moves upstage
waits in the shadows
until she stops feeling
so godsdamn dumb
abalone in the night air. in my slender thighs. in your working class shirt. in this circle of euphoria. 060829
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