smagilly We open each other like gifts, our tounges becoming our hands, our flesh giving way to suprises always dreamed of, sometimes asked for, and all the words coming out of our mouths are simply oohs and ahhs and the other things we normally can't so much as whisper. 011020
Kitten Utter Nutter 020831
josie Please utter anything right now, something to press away the madness. Some words of comfort, some words of sobreity. Maybe some physical pleasure will help take our minds off things.. but even then we think too much and the world falls a little uncomforably this evening. 020831
akenbosche thinking about it, there is... really nothing, honestly, it's very simple - this is where i belong, this is where i was and this is where i belong, but am i doing the right thing? laden on uncertainty and abysmally depressing overkill thought processes stimulate my initiative, I AM OFF and i change 030501
delial you want to understand how i feel
but that thing which would explain it all
it'd alienate you
you'd get upset
i wish i could tell someone about how i feel
without feeling like they'd get upset because of what [who] it involves...

so i can't utter a word about it
instead i sit here in silence

always between a_rock_and_a_hard_place
what's it to you?
who go