psyki good thinking, sherlock.

you really screwed things up this time.

Spete It were Scahhhhhhhhlet,
in the ballroom --
and with the candlestick.

Professor Plum;
Colonel Mustard;
honourable mention...because you just can't not mention Professor Plum and Colonel Mustard.
amy colonel mustard and mr bill... the birds of antiquity.

...what? these aren't birds in your mind? i have to go it alone on this one? coffee...
Marjorie Oh, a game!
A wonderous game that is played every day! (and several times a day in L.A. and Chicago)
A game of life.
A game of death.
A game of chance.
And cards.
And who is the best.
KindreDSpirit Communism was just a red herring. 020318
lemonade i
your singing telegram!

clue it was me in the playroom with my incessant chatter. 021226
werewolf when i was younger i loved professor plum and miss scarlet. i either wanted to be erudite disciplined, and well educated, or sexy, manipulative, and adventurous. don't tell me i'm reading too much into them...just look at their faces. 021226
werewolf i signed my name clue without noticing it. how odd. 021226
Mrs_White_Rabbit Yes I did it
I killed Yvette
I.. hated her...
The feel
heavi..breathle...heaving breaths
celestias shadow this is the bestest game. I used to play it obsessively when I was about nine. I was always Miss Scarlet- like werewolf said, I wanted to be the pretty, mysterious, sexy one. Then I started being Mrs White because somehow it was ALWAYS her. Always. I liked being the guilty one. Anyone got a psychoanalysis for that? 031122
anonymous -_-

I don't get it. I know in my heart if Jesus existed he would give me a clue. I am not talking about some old book with scary stories - I mean he would really get down with me and chill!

But the funny thing is...
I was walking home a few days ago passed the ghetto and three guys pulled me into an ally so deep and narrow it was like a tunnel. When I saw the first guy start to unzip his pants I just drop to my knees and started praying. Oh GOD! Oh GOD! oh GOD!

He just looked down at me and pulled out his nasty weenie and said - yah grl that's jus wherr I wans ya ta b. Then he tore at my t-shirt until my breasts where exposed. Then pinched my nipple soooo hard with a twist I almost fainted.

I could smell his stinky crotch as he pulled me near. I wanted to scream -- but all I do was whisper. No lord, please no.

Then I heard a whoop whoop cop car thingie sound and saw a bright light shine at the end of the tunnel. Next thing I knew they all ran like roaches when you turn on the light.

OK so -- it was no burning bush but it sure saved mine! Perhaps I'll have to reconsider this thing called faith!

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