psyki i can't go a week without smearing it all over my face, basking in the sensation of my pores being rapidly clogged, licking my lips as it oozes into my hungry mouth.
and the best part is, it's free at any participating burger king restaurant.
emily my best friend hates mustard--she's literally afraid of it...i personally love it... 000522
marjorie at the christian bookstore on third street there are necklaces with mustard seeds in them and a little booklet with the parable on it. you can buy them in various amounts of gold. or you can just look at them. and you can say, 'oh, that is pretty' 000614
Shiftography This is great stuff, he whispered to everyone in particular. You can spread it thin, or spread it thick, and none will be the wisest.

Oh really?, she asked in a skeptic manner. Oh yes, he agreed vigorously (including head noddage). I will show you now.
you mustard is an interesting thing. You see, it can be absolutely vile, yes, it really can. IF!- you do not use it properly. But you see, used in proportion the amount of OTHER food you arte consuming (and put on the right things, of course) it can be QUITE apealing... 021121
Frak i'm really more of a ketchup fan 031103
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