moonshine Dont you draw the queen of diamonds, she beat you if shes able. 000619
typhoid hmm. i thought that was the queen_of_spades 000619
moonshine Despardo 000619
Splinken heh heh

that's just about the dumbest song i've ever heard. i had a friend in sixth grade who used to go all teary-eyed listening to that song.
Brad oh, barf 000620
Splinken yes sir.

moonshine quit riding fences! 000620
Splinken you better let somebody lo-ove yo-ou 000620
snarky freak cards is a nice guy, i wonder where he got to... 000724
moldy joe re: birthday card for old hippies
Feel the time flow by you
Feel the end approach
Just a Reefer burning
Soon to be a Roach
ShnizelCheese Im sure my mother shops for my Birthday card for MONTHS, she evaluates them by how much they are going to make me Cry... 030323
neesh i looked at the trick i'd just played and knew i'd lost, then i realised i've always been lost... 031229
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