~gez~ i was i was more. but i don't want to be where i must to gain this status. basically, i love being clever but hate school 020827
chaz i was a saw horse. but i don't rant to the whore of mr. green the lardass. amazingly, olive weenie weathers the weight school. 021013
minnesota_chris it's better if you can learn and get a job without getting the formal degrees. I almost always recommend against going to college nowadays. 080414
epitome of incomprehensibility I'm afraid it's too late for me, m_c. But then again, I like my program, even if it does get rather harrowing at times. 080415
past m_c, I had a well thought out blathe set up to talk about how the diploma programs offered by colleges leave people just as educated, if not more, in many essential ways than the degree programs offered by universities when i remembered that you were american and that college means the same as university. 080415
tourist I never went to school beyond Grade 12
The Education I Have is a result of My Own curiosity and learning to Keep Quiet when around People that Know more About what interests Me. I've found out if you do People assume you know more than You do, and will reveal many things that are not even asked about.
A well placed Observation is often more productive than Many Questions
would be.
Although My approach does't carry the Documentation to Net the Higher Salary.
But I Know several People with Degrees
that never found work in thier fields,
the formal training does enable them to do thier own research and serves them well in the other endevors they undertake. Perhaps the best thing is to learn HOW to Learn. No One Can Place Information in a closed mind.
bitter fool yes and when you ask people questions you should double check their body language and not put so much value on spoken word. It seems to me that body language is something that can not be controlled displaying the naked truth, a vulnerable truth. I always wondered why this was not studied in greater depth by lawyers. Giving someone time to give a verbal answer gives time for a conscious decision, where a lie can be implemented and/or where words could be misinterpreted by the receiver. 080416
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