misstree the color of passion
and distance
at the same time,

of sensualism
without sentiment,
but approaching hedonism
as a path to the divine
Teddybear My Scarlet Moon

As I sit under my scarlet moon I wonder many things.

Why can't she accept me?
Why does she turn me away?
Why does she reject me?
Only god can truely say.

Why can't I be her friend?
Why won't she let me in?
Now I know it's hopless in the end.
And Trying is a sin.

So I'll just lie here on the ground alone.
Waiting for my body to die.
Forget about going home.
My eyes fill with tears as I start to cry.

Yes, I'll just lie here alone.
Waiting for my broken heart to die.
I'll wither away on this hill, my scarlet moon and I.
sweetheart of the song tra bong A scarlet starlet and she's in my bed
A canidate for my soul mate blend
I push the trigger and I pull the thread
I've gotta take it on the otherside.
ClairE I love Clue. 011205
lunabuddhess o'hara 030514
de * er faded rust is his skin.
old friends return,
and bring bloody kisses to come.

such potential, such intent, such malice,
and so many shining stars to pluck.
story of eau he blushes in my presence.
i feel vulgar.
hyena it makes me sick that such grins
must meet such bitter end,
but i will not eat the seeds;
i will only smear dark juice on
fondest flesh, and with the strength that
harrowed years bestows, set off
and hope to not hope.
a thimble in time By the way,
I know it's summer,
and I know you're Jewish,
but before I forget,
let me just say,
Merry Christmas.
what's it to you?
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