amy going over my uncareful notes, i reevaluate and decide that these discoveries couldn't be unbelievable, otherwise we wouldn't be here, but they are bordering on unbelievable. the borderlands, la frontera. 991221
typhoid ...
so utopia is stagnant.
the ( ) must then exist within the decaying of the rest? a constant struggle.. a parasite. the advances come out slowly from the counter_core, disseminating slowly into the outside, or being rejected entirely. would it be easier to fix the problems or evolve out of them?
Splinken i used to write notes in junior high and early high school.

tremendous notes.

epic notes!

i still have some of the reciprocal notes. one of them is from a very cute, dumb skater boy who wrote nice things to me in loopy handwriting.
flowerbed on a cloud pling pling 051203
Evilair once upon a time I wrote a poem, sort of like.. it was the best one I ever made. 051203
Phil Everything you should normally do: cleaning, brushing, eating, oiling, sleeping
We only plan what we have to do immediately.
To shy to invite his friends to his party.
falling_alone i have the notes, we wrote, we were best friends, they've scattered but somewhere can be found
i have the notes when we made up fake names, fake lives, to pretend and fuck with another
i have the notes we wrote, the notes that made it into the hands of that boy.
i have that boy.
but. you?
i have the notes we wrote together.
what's it to you?
who go