Q The first question?
Isn't that the one Eve asked Adam after having eaten the apple?
Should we cook it together next time?
Or was it the one the serpent had asked her?
Would you prefer green or red?
I do not recall having answered either of those.
But if nonetheless I answered correctly, my hat and anything else you'd like is off for you for having made it so.

And the answer to your question is not you or I.
We've been inspired before and
we've now come to spire in each other.

And with that top off, I beg leave to go back to work for a bit, just a little one too.
gja Whats your query? 070704
Marla my query is wot are you doing on this website, how long have you been on this website and why

and my last query is what is your favorite flavour of ice-cream?
what's it to you?
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