daxle Gold flowing hair, smile instant true happiness, clothes don't match (looks great), surfer tan, too perfect.
She says you're looking scraggly these days. I never could figure out why she wanted me to stay away from you.
heidi75 our first foster kid. Granted he was only a year old and I was six, but I had a crush on him. I wish I knew where he was now. 990615
missydissle a boy. Someone in my mind as clear as sunlight. Only, sunlight can blind you. adam is blinded. He doesn't know what he wants, where he is. He needs a shoulder to cry on when the world steps on him. I am that friend, he just doesn't see that 991028
me? riverrun, past Eve and Adam's, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to Howth Castle and Environs. 991111
camille First man atom, adam
redman adam
girl i love you 000326
girl he is my boy. ive gone to hell and back to keep him and i refuse to give him up. 000326
daxle some ideal
adam effortless perfection
so I could never be the only one he loved because he loved everyone
and I thought if I asked enough times he could give me the answers to all that I wondered
and it drives me insane because I am wrong everytime I want to blame him for what happened
he tried to tell me but accepted that I would have to find out for myself
I just want to be you, adam
I want to be the person who always gets by without any struggle
I want to be the person who can accept and appreciate everyone for who they are
I want to be the person who can love their self
I want to be someone who is never embarrassed and yet is admired by all
And then I think about the time you were offended about me asking you which one was pink, and I laugh, because I know deep down that you weren't truly perfect (and then I think, even better)
Kelsey bouchard Do u have a girlfriend??????? tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 000421
girl god i miss you 000503
holly forget my name,
forget my face,
forget the touch of my warm embrace,
forget the love we once shared,
forget the times when i once cared,
forget the times i gave you pleasure
cause baby, now i'm gone forever!!
Colleen A goofy looking kid, resembles a Wombat, but has quite a hillarious personality. 010121
ithaca lily

keeper i hate being thrown aside. i know hes says hes not throwing me aside, he just needs time. theres too much going on. he cant be doing this right now. but i need him. i need someone to make me happy. i need someone to make me feel good about myself. i need to keep feeling him next to me.
when im with him i forget everything else going on. i forget about cutting myself. i forget about aric. i forget that i hate myself. i just feel good. he makes me feel unbelievably good.
TalviFatin Seriously...I miss him. Greatly. When he comes back on leave...I hope he's the same, and we can just spend a day talking about what it was like. Remenicing (sp.) and laughing like old up at camp. 011108
unhinged can we get high together and 'listen' to radiohead? 011108
ClairE You fucker.

You prick.

We were just kids.

My heart--it's molded
by what you've done.

You hurt me just
girl you read the things i write no matter where they are no matter if they are for you or not..and you get hurt.
youd think that youd learn after a while..a lab rat learns very quickly not to do whatever it is that hurts them..and then u get mad at me for writing it..need i say again that it wasnt for u???
and now i have to choose between having you again one day or never seeing u again..if i choose you i'll wind up putting my life on hold until youre ready..if i dont youll leave
i try to keep my composure through all this..but sometimes when i lose just a little control i find myself resenting you for putting me in such a position..
i have gone to hell and back to hold you and i dont want to lose you after all we've been through, but i dont want to lose myself now in the process....
. . 011218
bandaids go to: my_story 011218
girl what am i going to do with you?
for a very long time, it seems, i wasnt sure if i was still in move with you. then for a while after that i was sure that i wasnt still in love with you.
now im all but certain that i still am.
i know i cant be with you now. and sometimes im even a bit uncomfortable around u. but i feel those old feelings stirring inside me, and i know that we will be together again one day.
blue star this is the stupidest fucking name in the world. 020712
tricky my cousin beth just had her first baby, and she named it adam charles. i think it's a beautiful name. 020712
Beth Loves children. Laughs with his entire face. Feels free when he drives too fast. Has been hurt. Melts me with one touch. Passion pours out through his music. Is stubbornly skeptical. Has amazing green eyes. knows me all too well. Makes me cry. Gives me a reason to wake up. Is strong. Holds me, and has no idea how that makes me feel. Loves me. 020804
Beth Changed his mind. turned away. left me alone. Made me cry. Stopped smiling. Gave up on laughter. Forgot to love me. Forgot to touch me. Hurt me badly. Is alone now.
And I've been told, that life happens that way sometimes. I'm beginning to heal.
elimeny he told me he wasnt very articulate. and i didnt think anything of it. i dont really notice those things. then he said one of the most beautiful things ive ever heard anyone say, especially to me of all people. his friend asked if i was cute.

"i dont even belong in the same room as her."

That comment alone should keep you from feeling inferior. Im sorry that i cant be a romantic potential, and i wish i could make every hurt in your life fade away. and i sometimes wish i could be that person for you. And even though I know I'm not, i appreciate the fact that i can talk to you. I wish there was a word for my feelings for you. Something stronger than friend.

you were there for me when i needed you too. and you didnt accept it as me using you, even when i thought thats what it was. you and i have a connection that no one else will understand. and i wish it could be some sort of romantic thing. but even though its not, just remember that youve seen a part of me that so many others havent. satiate yourself with that.
tas I'm afraid that I not quite sure what to say again. I always try and think about the right way to say something, what exact words I should use, where they should be placed, and I end up disappointing myself when I don't think I have thought of something beautiful to say.

I should stop thinking like this, because I've now learned that simply stating what's on my mind is beautiful enough for you. I don't have to try to be anybody else.

And when I see the beautiful things that you have penned about me, it brings a tear to my eye. No small feat, mind you.

My emotions are still torn. I know that in six months, I'm going to be 800 miles away, back home. My life will go back to normal and be completely different at the same time. My friends are getting married and having children, I'll be going to school and aiming for a different career. I'll be setting up my life so that I can help take care of my parents in a few years, I can't just leave those responsibilities with my sister. In that respect, I knew that I shouldn't be looking for anybody to be with out here. I shouldn't have met you.

But I'm happy that I have. I'm so, so happy. Nothing can take this feeling away. I can't say where I would be today without you. You've reminded me of something that I forgot long ago, as increasing age and heartbreak washing up on my shores and I thought that becoming an adult meant becoming an broken and bitter asshole, I forgot about truth and beauty, in the world and in an individual. I stopped imagining that I could ever be happy with somebody. I stopped focusing on my happiness and the positive things that happen to me everyday. When you've lost sight of those things.. I don't ever want to again.

Part of me now doesn't want to leave. I hope and wish that there could be something more. I haven't, and I can't, let go yet. I don't know how long this willing will last for.

You've given me confidence and strength. You've made me not only want to regard myself in a better light, but know that I should and that I have to. I have no reason not to now.

Your presence and your caring have made me a better person. I hope that you can say the same of myself.

Before I started writing this, I thought I had another word to describe us, something that meant more then friendship. Now I know that even this word isn't powerful enough, but it comes close.

Fidatevi, my dear. Fidatevi.
Bizzar the only guy who could make me think twice about what I want.

Its just an infatuation
Canadian My dear friend...I love a computer screen projected picture...of my soul mate? I have dreams of meeting him in person...ITS hard to comprehend.....I think I'll sit and wait on MSN for my Australian Boyfriend. 030401
a lesbian is a word that always stumps me, because for some reason it has middle-eastern connotations for me, it's like someone says, "hi, i'm adam" and i start smelling incense and seeing turbans and camels or something, i know i'm weird, i know i'm stupid, please just ignore me. 030401
niska that guy is probably the smartest, nicest person i ever met - and he'd probably never believe it beccuase yes, he's that humble too.

wretched perfection... he's too super.
Grace The first created Man
Fallen with Eve
By the serpent and free will, and sin
Cain and Able's Father.Eve's Husband.

Also a name borrowed(used) by various dudes.
But it was a capital "A"
Marandida There was once this boy named adam he went to camp kenabec a camp for people that are special and he met Mandy (me) and we went out,........ Then camp ended we talked much on the phone and then one day he came to visit from the T dot O and we fucked then i ran away to the T dot O to stay with him and it was a HUGE FUCK FEST!! and I met his friend Shawn who broke his neck from wrestling he was chill,.. any ways Adam has this Chick Megan pregnant I don't think she's gettin an abortion and that pisses me off they broke up long time ago but how she is back in he life and she is pregnant and he still FUCKS her how sick is that!!! anyways he sleeps around he's a fucking man whore but I love him and now me and him aren't talking on the phone anymore because Megan wont let him I'm mad I hate her I want to pop a cap in her ass lmfsao!!! Yes well as I was saying Adam has a rape fetish it's pretty funny and Megan the pregnant chick lets him tie her up and rape her how sick is that! Ewwwww! Raping a pregnant chick what a sicko lmfsao!! So Adam smokes budda / mary jane / marajawana / weed / grass / bud a lot and he drinks to,.. speaking of smoking Megan the pregnant chick chain smokes drinks and smokes weed while she is pregnant and she is most likely having the baby,.. Both Megan and Adam are 16 that baby's life (that baby boys life seeing as I know it's going to be a boy just because I know these things) is gonna be much fucked up,.. Yo ADHD much lol Adam!! WoW I know how to talk A LOT!! Anyways so now Adam sleeps around and Megans a pregnant drug attict what a fun life they live,.. Go break a leg!! 040329
Lemon_Soda Another name for the blue king. 040329
Mandida Maranda (me) fucked him 040330
Andrew Sier You cock. Your selfish whim now stands as impediment to my newborn progress. Or perhaps I should thank you?


No. You're still a motherfucking bastard.
. 040731
Mandida Oh Adam's chick Megan lost the baby! 041125
tiffany My favorite little Jewish boy. Sometimes, I still miss you. It's hard to believe it's been a year since we went to Maroon 5 for Valentine's. I feel really special, having been able to watch you grow older. I still want to kiss you again, sometime. 050219
jane the name of my father's son 050219
holly the only boy i have ever loved but i found out too late 050603
laurah i always fall in lurve with them

well, two out of three

maybe it's just the fact that boys with long hair make me dance
Arwyn bastard.

thinks he's hunter s. thompson.

thinks he's the pimp shit.

he's a man-whore.

he's a creep

misstree i still get warm and fuzzy when i hear this name. 050912
Lemon_Soda I know that name 080421
dud oh!! nice underwear Adam! 080421
chucho the name of one of my best friends. 080421
puffle wheres adam now though? 080425
pssssst hi adam, whats cooking? 080512
ofsuch why are you so angry? why do you listen to lies? why will you never understand? 081201
what's it to you?
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