indust just a reflection
just a glimpse
just a little reminder
of all the what abouts
and all the might have
could have beens
another day
some other way
but not another reason to continue
and now you're one of us
the wretched

the hopes and prays
the better days
the far aways
forget it

it didn't turn out the way you wanted it to
it didn't turn out the way you wanted it, did it?

now you know
this is what it feels like

the clouds will part and the sky cracks open
and god himself will reach his fucking arm through
stuck in this hole with the shit and the piss
and it's hard to believe it could come down to this
back at the beggining

and in the end
we still pretend
the time we spend
not knowing when
you're finally free
and you could be

you can try to stop it but it keeps on coming
you can try to stop it but
baby satan singed by the ass-fire of hades. 010621
god ass ashes on every shore 011202
paste! poker got resultless, had to eat that tire. nobody really minds if i shit here, right? ok, next week i'll pull out the spacious helicopter so we can take the neighborhood lawn bowling. will that make you happy, senorita_colon? and if you tell me to go back to college, i'll probably whisk my collarbone (with that machine i built). 011202
girl_jane a week without knowing you're ok...

quicksilver21166 I am one of the few
that may call themsleves one of the wretched.

I do not brag about it.
for I am ashamed of it.
but yet it is the only hope that i have.
hope to be.
and hope to see

As I walk alone through this world ,
no one by my side.
Watching as the people watch me,
seeing only what they want to see,
talking about only what they see.

For we the wretched, the sick and the lonly.
We are not few but we are not many.
We all know that we will nevfer apease the world that we know.

For shame is my wretchedness,and guilt is it's name.
Guilt for not being a good son, brother,solder,and friend.

The guilt shames me so that it always rains in my head.
Over and over my mind plays there words with ther faces.
Again I am shamed.

For guilt is a heavy burden on an already shamed soul.
But no one cares, not even the ones who say they do.

So for the wretched I do say find your peace, for if you do, share a prayer for me, so that some day I may be free of this wrechedness that has plagued my soul for to long.

once again and one day 5 years from now... I will be smiling in the sunshine and I will catch a glimpse of a sandy haired man with a build like yours and walking to my car I will smell the burn of exhaust and even though I'm older now, stronger, wiser... I will cry. The look on my face as I realize that even now you can still make me cry that is the definition of wretched. 040521
novocainstain sure, i will let you see this
ill let you see myself
but never really true
just what i want to show
and i know its wretched of me
and i know its horrible
but i cant tell you
never, but maybe
perhaps when im not feeling so clever
although im not really
so wretched
what's it to you?
who go