moonshine YIP!!!! I FINALLY recieved my Burningman Ticket in the mail... Such a small ticket for such a big event. 000630
MollyGoLightly jealous little me, jealous little me....

have fun.

lotusflower ...to New Orleans.
...to Montreal.
...to Amsterdam.
...to Mozambique.
I don't care. Just get me out of here.
novuscoward ...do blue orbs gleam?
...chew hog feed, all.
...thru angst an' ham.
...to Moe's old peak.
I won't share. Just get me all their hair.
josie this is your ticket. Hop on the bandwagon, if the most paranoid person in the world can do it so can you :) even if youre riding the band wagon to stalkerville. 020917
silentbob laurens ticket possibly got thrown away 020918
person i saw the lord of the rings movies like 30 times and saved every ticket. what sort of freak am i? *checks* oh, i'm still wearing a replica of the one ring. *shrug* makes sense.=P 040626
me i got my third parking ticket the other day. oops. 40 bucks. 050303
In_Bloom You're looking it over
Thumbing the edges
Fingertips across the surface
Reading backwards and crossing your eyes to see if a hidden message jumps out... not a winner

So what do learn?
You can go far and it's fearful
"please don't mess me up"
Ha, it's so easy to plead but less easy to believe in what is possible

The cost is clearly stated and nothing you can't well afford
If you want to go
If you want any of this to matter
If you want to try

Under your skin
Behind your eyes
Past your lips
All things are possible as long as you hold the ticket
what's it to you?
who go