no reason you seem so happy that it's hard not to share in some of your excitement, despite myself.

disappointed empty confused happy hopeful in_love i don't even know anymore.

all i know is that you never cease to amaze me.
no reason all my favourites that i met live there and it's making me a bit sad
at least i have more excuses to visit
epitome of incomprehensibility Ah, home sweet home... or downtown sweet downtown, rather... I don't know if Montreal is especially a happy city, or anything, but it's nice walking around on a summer evening. 080712
e_o_i Ah, I was being boring. No detail. Hmmm. What's the city like?

1) The metro (subway) lines are colour coded. Orange, yellow, green, blue. Imagine if they did that in New York--there'd have to be colours like chartreuse and taupe. Or maybe they'd have to invent colours like the people who make paint samples do--Rainy Day Grey, Snail Blue, Fuschia Romance, etc.

2) There are many film festivals. Right now there's this Fantasia film fest going on in the Concordia theatre. There are some music festivals (Jazz being the most famous one), but Ontario probably has more. Very mean of it, eh?

3) People speak Fringlish, or Franglais. That is, a mix of French and English. "C'est cool, non?"
"B'en oui, c'est totally beaucoup de fun.

4) There are some nice long walkable streets, like St. Laurent and Sherbrooke.

There. Four items is enough for now. More, and I'll be kicked out of the express line.
nom again soon 080713
jane' 080714
e_o_i Your list reminds me of St. Laurent. Crazy long street. 080718
nom no_reason had the best halloween costume 080719
no reason ha, thanks

i really want to go back. if i were to live somewhere else again, montreal would be the place.

(miss nom it would be fun if your "again soon" meant sometime this summer because i'm pretty sure i'm going to visit sometime this summer)
no reason maybe sunset_rubdown will play a show 080719
no reason pop montreal 080723
epitome of incomprehensibility I have something for you to do if you're in Montreal!

There is a small bookstore called The Word on 469 Milton Street (near McGill). In the poetry section near the front, there should be several copies of my chapbook. The title is Songs of Irrelevance, and the cover is pale green. On the front there's a picture of James Joyce with an iPod. It costs three dollars to buy and zero dollars to look at. So if any of you are interested, it would be really cool to hear another blatherperson's opinion on it.

I know, I know, shameless self-promotion. User24 corrupted me. :)
u24 heh heh, nothing wrong with shameless_self_promotion! 080725
no reason the nerd sunset_rubdown is playing pop montreal. i was so excited to find that out that i got teary. 080825
no reason sunset_rubdown
the clips (vancouver)
and more and more and more

i don't know how i'm going to contain myself. good thing containing oneself is overrated.
no reason except maybe not all of those bands.

i am still

and curious.
no reason i would be less lonely if i felt well
almost every time i go away. i don't understand.
no reason sad whenever it's mentioned 081010
no reason i'm going soon and i told him that i found someone to go to my favourite brunch place with me
he was all "aww, i would've gone"
and i replied that i don't trust him
and he said "true"

sometimes i wonder what i get out of my friendship with him except that (case in point above) i'm brutally honest
and i guess other things
what's it to you?
who go