Q Amazing Grace any place amazes;
From Lincoln's it lights blazes
Thousands of miles away.
Zeroshin bright eyes of an innocent,
summer ants in the pouring heat,
the thought that drives me.
Gonzo Amazement is my self waking in the morn.
Myself went I'm comforted and warm.
My day when it goes without incident.
These are the days of my amazement.
IWishICouldGoWithDavid He told me I amaze him and I made him smile. What does that mean? 021127
girl_jane You said I was amazing. You said I gave you hope that you could still find a "good" girl. Don't you understand that you amaze me too? Don't you realize that you could have me? 021127
june you could have me, i could have you
but what does it really mean
for what it's worth maybe the girl isn't that good
or she was already bad and sees no real use for it
either way maybe he's the better of 2

or 3
what's it to you?
who go