silentbob I want to be a film major. I want to be a filmmaker. i think i can do that in Minneapolis at the college she's going to. I'll check it out. 000614
Translucent Film is the title of one of my favorite songs by my favorite artist, Aphex Twin. It makes me happy. When I listen to it, I think of love. It is the greatest song. 010820
"bunnyboy" moments in time. captured. recorded. remembered. it will all be forgotten. 011204
"bunnyboy" i used to smile. no seriously, i really used to. i have proof...on film. 030201
floralieca C'est dur de faire un film, mais travailler pour de bon, c'est pire !

[Woody Allen]
bel cheap sex and sad films help me back where i belong 040423
tchiseen is it a movie or is it just the stuff on your shower door.
if it is do you share it?
monee no one wants to watch it with me i would go alone but it's cold and my leg aches and it would cost too much for a taxi back or a room with christmas on its way and my nephews with no presents yet from me and it's best to save my change for moving my self and my art out but still i should go but it's too late now not enough time to be there when the bus stops i'm not even dressed properly i'll have to watch it some other day i don't know when i really wanted to see that film 041222
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