silent bob It's like the best city to go to when you want to get away. It has all kinds of cool stores and not even in the megamall. I know people that live there and in the surrounding area. Minneapolis, Rock on! 000614
MollyGoLightly there's a good song called "Minneapolis"
but i don't remember who sings it.

let's go, someone. it snows there.

silentbob everytime i go through the city i fall in love
i'd love to be in love with a minneapolis girl
we'd walk downtown in the rain, go to a show, shop at cd stores, eat at Pizza Luce's, it would be grand
stupidpunkgirl miineapolis-
home of extreme noise, first avenue, saint sabrina's and pandora's cup. i wanna go...
i'm going to live there after high school...i want to now.
we go up sometimes....and visit our photography teacher or go to shows. but not enough...just wait until summer.
silentbob first time i ever went to extreme noise there was this huge dog behind the counter that goes all the way around one side of the store. i grabbed some free posters and zines. it was grand. 010118
kendera the mall of america has lots of hello kitty stuff. 010118
twiggie born there, lived there for the first 9 years of my life. i miss it. i miss going to what's cooking with kato and ordering a turkey club and splitting a plate of french fries COVERED in pepper. some asian people bought the place last year, and even though they promised to keep the menu, they changed it completely to asian food. it makes me sad.
i miss going to sibac with her and our moms telling us to "be careful" and to "not get shot".
playing kiss and kill in 3rd grade, somehow it ended when the schools merged.
i always had plans to go to holy angels HS, where my mom went, and where most of my friends were to go.
even in 8th grade this held fast when i found out i was moving back, and the first thing i was going to do there? be a cheerleader. if i hadn't moved to rochester i would've been one at north haven high school.
now THERE'S a little known fact.
i still go up there about once a week, usually to see family but sometimes to see friends.
Poohki So, if searching for text on St.Sabrina's because I am a tattoo artist there, and it was funny to see St. Sabrina's AND Pandora's Cup on the same line (because that is where I previously worked). So I guess by default that makes me the coolest guy in Uptown! Just Kidding, Anyway, My name is Poohki, come and get a tattoo from me, mention this site, and I'll give you 10% off your tattoo!
angie anyone heard of st. germain ?
theyre pretty good...
very unique
jazz with a beat
wow o wow
what are those words called when they spell the same forwards and backwards?
evil olive
its amazing...ive remembered that from like 2nd grade...
i like minneapolis!
it is fun
girl_jane Saint Sabrina's is a nice place. At least last time I went it was nice. It could have changed. I'm going to live in Minneapolis this summer. I'll have to come back to Iowa to finish high school, but I'm thinking of going to college there. I look forward to going. It's a nice city-second to New York as far as theatres per capita. People who are in Minneapolis now, tell me, is there a park with lots of trees anywhere nearby? 020207
girl_jane Anyone? 020211
minnesota_chris Hi, Jane, I live within walking distance of Minneapolis. Where are you going to be in Minneapolis?

There are parks, they tend to be a bit overused (like the chain of lakes: an outdoor health club!, and there's not many anywhere close to downtown. But yes, there are places you can get away.

And check out Como Zoo, as well as the Nature Conservatory. The zoo is free, and the conservatory costs one dollar, and is full of things like ferns and banana plants.
Ariadani yee for banana plants! 020417
girl_jane Chris-hmm-I'm not sure exactly where I'll be. I guess wherever my uncles live, and all I know about that is it's on Penn Ave. in the upper part of the duplex they own. I'll have to look into some more things. Say, you happen to know of any job openings for a 17 year old girl, would you? 020509
Ariadani there's a bunch of job openings around, but it kinda depends on the job youre looking for. what kind of job do you want to work at? i mean, there's always target, or one of the major corperations, or coffee houses, or resteraunts, or bookstores, or petstores, or and number of other things. 020510
Ariadani you could possibly work at the ordaway too, its a really nice theater, and theyre usually looking for a few ushers.
i have a friend who works there. you get to watch the shows that play there, and you occasionally get free tickets. the only bad thing is the hours, worknights would be friday-saturday-sunday on the average.
girl_jane I've been to the Ordway, and it is beautiful. I saw Rent there a couple years ago. That night was absolutely astounding. The Christmas lights were on at Rice Park and on the Ordway's wall of windows. The snow was falling soooo slowly in those super fat flakes.

I'm glad I'll be able to find a job easily.-Thanks
girl_jane I'm not going to go to Minneapolis after all. I have my reasons. Sorry for even thinking of it, Mom. 020526
minnesota_chris The snow is gently falling from the black sky.

The night is chill, and I'm alone.
amanda home...for now. for-ever. maybe. the cc club, triple rock, saint sabrinas (thanks derek for your help), matts tattoo, artisits quarter, seven bridges, bryant lake bowl, 400 bar, the wedge, whole foods, pandora's cup, brits, vera's cafe, new delhi, chicago deli, 7th street (i love you kentucky gag order - dave the most). mpls, youve been good to this freak girl from the south. home of my noah, bill, mike, ted and most of all, my sunil.
for a poet, its a good thing to live here, to experience here. visit here, take stories away from here, not of fargo, not of bigoted suburban types, not of minnesota nice, not of silly accents, but stories of a diffrent truth: tell them how the air smells on the first day of winter, tell them how the homeless man gave you a spare quarter to get onto that bus at Lake and Nicollett, tell them that we have lofts, and theatres, and ethnic diversity. but tell them, and if you dont visit - tell them you heard it from me.
identificationless My hometown!..man i miss you guys anyways i'll be back before christmas looking for an apartment by the lake so much money maybe by mcad instead then i can get shot on eat street see you soon baby and 21 finally able to get into 7th st entry and fineline and all the rest hey anyone know where the joint is some new club i was told about and i figured if i didnt know where it was it was prolly kick ass cus i grew up there and me not knowing a club is bad news bears anyways i miss the walker and lava lounge and the recordstores.... 031109
identificationless Back same old missed you while i was gone but still want to run away i guess im stuck till better days 031221
c wurd 040117
tchiseen loL!! not as good as nashville 040423
kiwhanamiki loneliness encased in burning glass, no the sun setting on the lakes... calhoun teeming with bodies longing for something more maybe the girl in the red bikini, or maybe something real. Please no nashville. 040605
To far from Mpls. I miss Mpls. too!! I just moved to Chicago and I'm really happy here, but I miss my friends back home and I miss Lunds in Uptown.I miss Sebastion Joe's I miss Liquor Lyles 2 for 1's!!!
A great big hello to everyone, you are all missed!!
Stash its interesting to read all this stuff when living here in minneapolis myself it doesnt seem to great. sure there are things...big city bright lights. but not as much as L.A. or new york. I love this city myself and i would never leave it, but that has nothing to do with the shops it has all to do with the people and the atmosphere this city makes. good song by atmosphere "minneapolis".listen to it. 050822
StashBoxs girl its interesting to read all this stuff when living here in minneapolis myself it doesnt seem to great. sure there are things...big city bright lights. but not as much as L.A. or new york. I love this city myself and i would never leave it, but that has nothing to do with the shops it has all to do with the people and the atmosphere this city makes. good song by atmosphere "minneapolis".listen to it. 050822
andru235 i live here; i'm not enamored with it, but i and not enamored with the other american metropoli either. frankly, i am always amazed when people clamor on and on about this u.s. city or that; have they been elsewhere? and when they have, i am even more surprised.

ok, that's not true. it really depends on the person, doesn't it. and of course there is no accounting for tastes.

minneapolis is pleasant but the sprawl is taxing. the urban population of mpls-stpaul was nearly 400,000 more in the 1950s!!! whereas now, basically the same attractions are offered in bloomington as in eden prairie and white bear lake and eagan and coon rapids and lakeville and cottage grove and...and...

[insert cliche-yet-ever-applicable suburban rant here]

[but i'm not against suburbs per se; merely the american style of building them. after all, by some definitions of 'suburb', versaille is a suburb of paris! although that would've been arguable in 1750...]

anyway, here i am. there you are.
unhinged burning

things get sticky in the land of a thousand lakes
in the summer

call in the military
we can't do our jobs
bring in the tanks


what's it to you?
who go