squillo nice_kitty_kitty


lost i like the band kitty. not to mention Morgan Lander is pretty hot. 011018
johnny west Drugs drugs drugs
are fun fun fun!

I saw a kitty. I named him penis. Then, off of that first concrete farce, a second -- second penis -- appeared alongside him! Flanked by a second penis, albeit unbeknownst to his own ignorent...inherent...cock! Cock! Cawwwwwwwk! Penis, have you come? Come back, penis! There're two of you! Where'd your second penis go? Penis?

Suddenly, the song Testicular Love makes perfect sense. Also, we have to work in the morrow. All away/together. How typos were avoided! How beautifully! We danced in the dirt and shouted about...right? Right.
at my foot and I wanna touch it 011018
god he has two cats named penis
i have a cat named tonya
sonya is a cat or cat like
psychobabe see: kittie 011019
lost im a dumbass. well i just wasnt thinking i know the band kittie is spelled kittie grrrrr... stupid me. 011019
Sonya It's what I'm coming back as if I have a choice. I'd be allowed to stay up all night and just be completely insane about it!! Oh wait, I do that already, what am I talking about? Well it'd be fun to have a tail to wiggle around? :) 011019
psychobabe hehehe its alright lost, LOTS of my friends mess up on it to : p 011020
jimisen Little kitty, sleeping by the side of the road, I am also tired. 011218
Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge ^..^ ¿me???????ow? 011218
ClairE Adam, you can't have two.

It's just not allowed.

They must roam where I used to lay under your heavy quilts, sweat drying on my body.
little wonder they cloned one.

does anyone else find cloning horribly wrong and disgusting?
me woo 020311
tonya pok horp toonallo niy foing

it's those goddamn rabbits, i tell ya

you know the ones

those rabbits_we_remade_for_skydiving

flonto blarky
adorable little girl Cute little kitty..
It's my pet kitty.
I found it when it was lost.
Such a cute little kitty.
I gave it a special name.
It's name is Mittens.
I named it Mittens because it's paws are a different color.
The kitty was asleep when I found it in the street by my house.
It had an ouchie on it's tummy.
There were things coming out of the ouchie.
I giggled because it looked like spaghetti.
Just like the kind my mommy makes.
When I found my kitty, it's mouth was open but there was no noise.
Mommy said sounds come out when people snore.
The kitty got lost.
The poor kitty needed a home.
I got my special shoebox from when mommy got me shoes.
I took everything out of the shoebox so that kitty could be safe while I took it inside.
The kitty's ouchy got spaghetti all over my hands.
The spaghetti was messy because it had sauce.
Did the kitty's mommy give the kitty spaghetti?
I didn't tell mommy about my kitty.
Mommy doesn't allow pets in the house.
So kitty has to stay under the bed all the time.
My kitty is a lazy kitty.
My kitty likes to sleep all the time.
Cute little kitty..
this word please go to 030402
marjorie kitty drugs.
i'm punching this board
because you're snorting ketamine
fucking snap out of it
you + drugs = so very passe.
we have already seen it all
if you don't die this time
it'll just be another encore that we didn't clap for
ryen was mine one time 040305
lizzy i have two precious lil kitties...
Angus (the fat orange boy)
and Zora (the gorgeous dark tortise-shell one)
Angus is exactly 360 days olde than his neice Zora... they are bestest friends... i wish i could show everyone in the world my kitties... cause they are just too cute for ~words~
When Angus was little he had blue eyes with violet colord lightening runnin through them... now they are inquisitive yellow... and Zora... she had bright green eyes when she was born.. now they are yellow.. just like Angu's... 'cept her's are ringed by this gorgeous green....
i couldn't ask for better cats... they are so spoiled rotten... and they looove their momma.... always there when i need a snuggle... always up on the counter even though they know they shouldn't be..... and when you put a squirt gum in their face and tell them to get down... they look at me with these eyes that say "oh ma, you know you won't spray us...." and i never do....
everyone should have a pet to love... a pet to love them...
what's it to you?
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