birdmad but all must run from the terror that is the big_electric_cat 000617
lunar powered devil the progenitor of the fist_kittens, i presume 000617
typhoid ho whoa! i remember that!
secret name(or something..) for adobe photoshop, right?
oh pee um oh baby,
you better fly away
as fast as your little mechanical wings will take you!!!
sabbie big electric cat is one of my favorite bands! and ive only ever seen advertising for them playing once, and i was leaving the city about 3 hours before they were schedualed to go on. curses!

... big electric cat. wow. im blown away that other people know about them. my fav album is 'dreams of a mad king', and, while you posting blathers about them, weirdly enough i was just digging that album outta the pile to put on.

thats spooky and they're beautiful.
god adrian belew 010516
god i got a big electric cat named tonya 010516
Satan Satan Satan i couldn't let her zap that bird, i couldn't let that happen. 010516
god satan, my son! 010517
ladybird my cat is more gas-powered i think 010517
bloody potato chip tonya lucifer_sam 010627
Casey maybe if we just feed it steak 010627
paste! i have a big electric ass within my cat fur pants. 010628
Sol The big electric cat lay sharpening her electric claws, sparks lighting them in the dark when they touched. the delicate sensory circuits in her head could detect the minute magnetic resonances and fields cast by the movements of the little_electric_mice running behind the walls. her wiskers gleamed in the light thrown down from her headlight eyes, so she switched them to infrared stealth mode, the black fur on her body a specially designed polymer that shields her from detection, much as the stealth aircraft do, only more effective, from her electric prey. She took her tail from the wall socket fully charged now that she sensed the electric mice moving towards her. she tensed, the motors straining against each other and counterbalance springs stretching to pounce when it emerged. 010628
satan satan satan let me ask you, tonya?

do you chase wireless mice?
tonya die fliedermaus! 011211
paste! not sofa, st. feline. vroom vroom danke. 011216
god 030710
crimson it licked my face
in a
big electric kiss
and i was a
big smoldering electric emily
In_Bloom k@tintheh@t
shining out
my brother now
K@T in the H@T
i'm more a
big eclectic kat

(when plugged in)

i can spark with
the best of them

lightning strikes
over & over,
but tame
from the
electric company

In_Bloom How much can we upset the universe?
Kick at it even as it laughs and says,
"go ahead kids, give it a go..."
Fuck all, we're too much for most
What a blessing
What a shame
I like to say if you can step up then kindly move aside and let me go as I make my way, causing the least amount of harm
Of course

tee hee hee
In_Bloom I like to say, "if you can't step up the kindly move aside and let me go by to make my way as best I can while causing the least amount of harm"

what's it to you?
who go