silentbob you've gotta be fucking kidding me 040108
nerd reasoning i keep offering to edit people's work.
i love reading what people write and trying to make it perfecto. it's almost like a treat, really. i get to further people's potential, or something. hopefully.

e-d-i-t-i-n-g! goooooo EDITING!

CheapVodka Write drunk; edit sober.

Words to live by.

However, one cannot edit blather and so this may have gotten me into a bind here and there. I can't break the habit of writing drunk, but I always get a good giggle (or a shudder) out of the things I read later when I would be editing sober.

It makes one accountable, I guess. Then again, I might just write it off as a drunken blathe. Not sure which one.
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