psyki if i see you again
maybe we can go out to a movie
or drink some coffee together
and if i don't ever see you again
then i'll be tearing out these wires
for the rest of my life
psyki you're an angel an agent a tangerine
a candy apple scuba diver
a very scary fairy tale
a raincoat a rainforest a raindrop
a rainy reindeer rainbow
a sleepy sleepy kitty carrot flower
NinNy Nu Nu miow. 010519
melvinwang the best adverb in the world. 030430
Nukemall is written with blonde thoughts 031013
Lemon_Soda Key phrase, this one.

Last piece of the garden we've got, really.
Megan I hope you never loved me
Hope you never cared
Because i have long given up
On any love we shared
love & hate Hopefully you wont feel it as i drag the knife across my arm. Hopefully you wont feel it as i press harder so it goes deeper into my skin. Hopefully you dont feel the pain i feel constantly that is eating me alive. Hopefully you dont find out what happened and why i did it. Hopefully then, once the blood has all drained out of me, we can be together once more, forever. Hopefully you dont feel it. Who am i kidding, of course you wont. 040421
Corey I will stop doing absolutely nothing with my time...probably not 040425
pete hopefilledly that day will come.. and the silence.. the silence is the part i look forward to the most.. 040426
Novice hopefully, hopefully that day will come, and hopefully no matter the outcome I'll always have a place in ur heart 040427
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