silentbob i was told you prey on the sensative heart
that you play with his mind
taht you destroy everything
good about a man until
theres nothing left
but disgusting rotten poison
you use and abuse
you make him believe it's all in his head
and convince him you're not breaking his heart
til he's killed his soul over you
trying to desperately to be over you
you're a pitch black bitch in a long witch cloack
you make men love and hate you and choke on their sobs
i was told everything
i was told EVERYTHING
and i still let it happen to me
my heart your eyes my past
your surprise had blinded me
and still you grinded me
into the ground into the ground
you killed my heart
you tore me apart
i had to start
and now it's all over.
birdmad What, Bob...

does this mean you've met Samantha???
silentbob HA HA

No, actually.
it was the girl i liked before alicia. she got me all crazy about her then told me she didnt want a relationship. she told me she had a thing for me, then told me she didnt have a thing for me.
then along came alicia.
grendel if she and Samantha were related, would it even be possible to determine which was the "evil" twin? 000710
silentbob no that was part of the evil. you couldn't tell. 000710
MollyGoLightly Sounds like a fun girl.

Those are the best kind.
valis we're the smartest animal
no need to be anyone's prey
and still we keep our claws out
for the worst case scenario
what's it to you?
who go