amy the slow sun moves northward, now shining into my windows. 000425
jackie mccracken feelin' north
far away
save it till
the end of the day
it's a
different kind of blue
something new To Alaska going North the rush is on! 020118
ClairE I always feel like I'm facing north. Otherwise I feel upside down. Ocean needs to be on the left, and you the way I'm facing. 020118
ClairE Ocean on the right. I haven't been to Washington yet, but I'll get to British_Columbia someday. 020118
or should I change North. Freed from the shackles of fear true words are now spoken. The dreamers awaken from the long sleep of censorship to a cold world of snow illuminated by aurora. In the air their words turn into hard ice, an everlasting message. True words take cold forms. 021014
sue the north pole is where santa lives. santa give out toys. toys make kids happy. happiness is what i live for 021221
Bob & Doug Mackenzie Great White North!
like, where's the beer n donuts, eh?
i smell backbacon...
hsg Northface: entity

one of the bestrance tracks ever produced
Aston My other home is north 080905
Somebody that I used to know I'll go North.
Away from you.
Away from hurt, anger, resentment.
Away from eyes looking upon me with pity.
I'll go North.
And begin to mend.
Begin to freeze those memories.
Begin to live my life for myself again.
I'll go.
I swear I will.
Once I find a way to leave you.
what's it to you?
who go